apply for inheritance: How does it work and what does a certificate of inheritance?

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Has left us a loved one, the survivors have to worry about inheritance. What is a certificate of inheritance? Is an inheritance in a notarial testament necessary? How and where can I apply for a certificate of inheritance? In our guide, we answer you subsequently apply the most common questions on the subject of inheritance.

apply for inheritance: How does it work and what does a certificate of inheritance?

What is a certificate of inheritance?

  • With a certificate of inheritance is an official certificate (an official record). An inheritance is a prerequisite in many cases in order to dispose of the assets of the deceased. This is issued only upon application.
  • , Is the inheritance who to which parts of a right to the inheritance has (information on the succession).
  • Each heir can apply for a certificate of inheritance individually (Alleinerbschein), There are also a Community inheritance (For Erbengemeinschaft) from which the respective components are visible. At a Teilerbschein there are several heirs, each of which receives a certificate of inheritance.
  • A certificate of inheritance has you to authorities, insurance companies and banks (legitimacy as heir).
  • The inheritance is used to determine the inheritance tax.

The inheritance tax depends on the ratio of the deceased and the heirs. In addition, 400,000 euros applies to spouses and significant a tax allowance of 500,000 euros, for children. In addition, tax is payable in height between 7-50% of the estate. The 50% are, however, to pay inheritance share only with more than 26 million euros if you belong to the tax class III.

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What to consider when an inheritance is requested?

The following parties may request the certificate of inheritance:

  • Heirs, including provisional heir and heirs of the heirs
  • executor
  • executor
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In inheritance information is available on:

  • The data of the heir and the deceased, including the relationship to the deceased and the date of death of the testator.
  • The scope of inheritance.
  • The data on the executor plug and restrictions (at a executorship).

Not in every case, a certificate of inheritance is required to access the site. Often a notarial will or a notarial contract of inheritance is sufficient. In a health care proxy the agent often governs the estate. Let you here by professionals such as a notary or lawyer to advise or asks the probate court.

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Where to apply for a certificate of inheritance?

If you want to apply for a certificate of inheritance, that's when probate at the residence of the deceased. Documents needed in most cases:

  • Identity card or passport
  • death certificate
  • Family Bible

If there is an appeal procedure, there are inheritance deadlines. In most cases, it must be clarified what other people are present in the succession if there is a will or if there is already a legal dispute over the right of succession.

What does a certificate of inheritance?

The cost of inheritance are based on the value of the estate, the so-called goodwill. The legal and notary fees Act (GNotKG) regulates the fees. Is it, for example, a fortune of 50,000 euros, about 165 euros to be paid for the inheritance. Additional costs can be reviewed in the table of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. In the left column of goodwill is, in column B you see the appropriate fee. There are other costs for the inheritance to be on you if you let this apply a notary public or make a statutory declaration must: Affidavit: pattern definition and meaning - explains simply.


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