What is a CPU with the PC? What makes the processor?

What is a CPU? After we have told you in the last article, what a motherboard is, of course, the CPU must. What exactly is a CPU and what tasks it takes over the computer? And why is a fast CPU so important? The answers be found in the following article.

An human brain as a central processing unit

Tip: The difference between CPU and GPU you see here: What's GPU? Definition and explanation.


What is a CPU? In a nutshell

The acronym CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, which means in German as central control unit. This term is already a hint of what the CPU is the main processor, which directs all tasks on a computer and controls. The CPU is the brain of the computer, so to speak &# 8211; all you computer does (programs use to call Print, Web pages, games) is calculated by the CPU, processed and then displayed on the screen. In principle, the CPU can therefore only one thing: Expect &# 8211; they can, however, very good. The CPU used for two components:

  • Expected work: Ensures that commands are processed in binary code and performs arithemetische (addition, subtraction, etc.) and logical (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) operations. In other words, all commands that eingebt her on the computer, are here transformed into an understandable language for the PC and then calculated.
  • Controller: provides for the execution and the coordination of instructions by loading commands, decoded, and then interprets and executes instruction by instruction.

CPUs are a bit more complex than this simplified explanation in reality. Techies find the following lecture a detailed introduction to the structure and functioning of CPUs. Also read also the guide What to do if the CPU utilization is too high? To learn how you reduce the load on the CPU.

Group of construction workers repairing CPU.

What is a CPU and why should the processor be fast?

So much for the technical side. interesting for the end user is the question of the performance. Since the CPU handles all processes on the computer, it should accordingly be powerful &# 8211; the faster the CPU, the more processes it can calculate and the higher the overall performance. With CPUs while two factors at play:

  • Clock frequency: It is measured in gigahertz (GHz), e.g. 3.4 Ghz. The clock frequency indicates how fast the CPU count. usually (but not necessarily) higher is faster, and there are differences between CPU generations. Some older processors with lower clock speeds are due to the design faster than newer processors with more GHz (and vice versa).
  • Number of cores: Shows how many CPUs are installed. Accessible CPUs with two, four or even eight cores today. With multicore processors (multicore CPUs), the computational load is distributed evenly across all the cores, resulting in better performance (for example, in games), provided that the software is designed for multi-core architecture.

A young male is holding computer processor in hand

Who builds CPUs?

CPUs are used not only in computers but are now found in almost all electronic devices, such as Mobile phones, tablets or smartphones. The two main manufacturers of CPUs are:

  • AMD
  • Intel

Together, these two companies share around 90% of the world market for CPUs. Intel CPUs are generally considered faster &# 8211; especially gamers swear by the fast processors of Intel Corei5 *What is a CPU with the PC? What makes the processor?and COREi7 *What is a CPU with the PC? What makes the processor?-Series. are more comparing AMD and Intel&# 8217; s in folgedem guide: AMD or Intel: Which is better? - Fast and easy.

Image Sources: A young male is holding computer processor in hand, to human brain as a central processing unit, Group of construction workers repairing CPU via Shutterstock


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