Emergency 4 Mods: These locations require your attention

Whether plane crash accident in the tunnels or large-scale operation in the fire of a chemical factory. You have already mastered all missions and campaigns in Emergency 4 often and want like to keep doing good with your global task force. As you help the subsequent Emergency 4 mods that we have carefully selected and you finally bring new tasks.

Emergency 4 Mods: These locations require your attention

If even the endless game in Emergency 4 no more challenges to provide for you, it is time to try a few mods. We have collected some of the most desirable modifications for you, but do without it as usual on a score.

In addition, we are of course, if you own suggestions posting in the comments and help ourselves to expand the list. Please forgive if we do not take all the cities individually. You can find a link to the Emergency 4 Wiki that offers all known German cities as mods below.

Emergency 4 Mods: Los Angeles

emergency 4 mods-los angeles

The Los Angeles Mod for Emergency 4 brings a complete new playable map of the city of the same name in California. With more than 50 usable vehicles and units you can play a total of 10 new missions and thereby get to know the everyday life of American forces firsthand.

Here, you have automatic weapons, shields, roadblocks, flares and more police forces are available as well as bomb-defusing robots, new sirens and even motorcycles.

The mod is in English, set to music and also compatible for multiplayer games.

download*(156.32 MB)


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