Rise of the Tomb Raider: All challenges in the guide with videos

In Rise of the Tomb Raider you can as already solve challenges predecessor. This will bring you credits that you turn needed for the Expedition mode. The idea is to torch posters or shoot down objects. As you master all the challenges in Rise of the Tomb Raider, we will tell you in this guide.

In every area of ​​Rise of the Tomb Raider finds its challenges, which are only started when it found the first object have. Often you have something shoot or collect, the challenges in the adventure complete. In this guide you can see by using Videos All Locations the challenge items.

As sharp Lara is in the PS4 Pro:

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Challenges and their benefits

It is usually troublesome to search the entire map for these special items. What are the challenges in Rise of the Tomb Raider So the point? You get 2000 Credits, which you then in the mode expeditions against trading cards can trade.

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In this mode you compete against friends and playing with them the missions that you already from the Story mode knows. However, it goes into this mode about collecting as many points as possible or to complete the missions in a given time. Moreover, these challenges demand a lot from and extend the playing time Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The challenges awaiting you in every area in Rise of the Tomb RaiderThe challenges awaiting you in every area in Rise of the Tomb Raider

The challenges are not as the main mission, but serve only as a sideline. Will you pick your friends at expedition mode provide, you need sometimes successes, to activate certain regions or modes.

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All challenges Video

Do you have your Fähigkeit Survival Level 1 extended, you will find the challenge items if her Survival Instincts applies. Also, you get her Achievements if their challenges concludes:

on-the-search-by-angerLooking for troublegamer core 10
Completes five challenges.
Completes all challenges.

Hang them higher - Syria

The videos with all localities of the challenges in Rise of the Tomb Raider be found immediately after the description of the task. The videos found her once collected on the YouTube channel of Beard Bear.

Here you have total 7 incense burners shoot down. They are all near the grave of the Prophet.

11616Rise of the Tomb Raider - Challenge 1

Shirring and way - Siberian wilderness

Here you have to Browse three bodies and record their resources. Have you completed the challenge is not directly in the mission Sophisticated plans, you can end up once again back to the camp to travel wilderness retreat and complete the challenge.

Data corruption - Soviet system

Shoot at all 10 red laptop, to this challenge in Rise of the Tomb Raider complete. Thus, the information of the enemy to be wiped out. The task is on two missions: to make the way out and the bending. In the first you will find 7 laptops.

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Tip: Once you destroyed all enemies, you can find most of the laptops in the station with the switch. Then a door opens. Go in, that you may find the seventh laptop.

The next camp is the Gulag.

Dissent - Soviet system

There are a total of 7 Kosmonauten propaganda poster, to be burned. Best succeed with Molotov cocktails. The next camp to this challenge is the copper factory yard.

The dark - Soviet system

To complete this challenge, you have the explore five caves of the Soviet system. This can lower enemies perform their equal in the mission. If not, the next camp is the investment outlook.

Capture the Flag - Soviet system

Near the lumberjack camp, the next challenge is already waiting in the area for you. cuts all seven Soviet flags from to complete them. But in order to do this, you need the combat knife.

Target - Geothermal Valley

Within the Mission Battle Preparations you meet the challenge goal. For this, you need all hit 10 targets with an arrow. The nearby camp called Valley Homestead.

Wolf in the chicken fur - Geothermal Valley

For the conclusion of this challenge and then waving 2,000 credits you have 5 catch chickens and lock them up in nearby chicken coop. Your also stoßt in the Mission Battle Preparations for this task. Have you missed it, you travel to the camp best Valley Homestead.

Let slopes - Geothermal Valley

The next challenge in the geothermal valley is located in the same mission and near the same camp. For this, you must cutting loose 6 rabbits.

Diving jumps - Geothermal Valley

Same mission and the same stock: Your only increases by the animals and changes to diving jumps. Leads four of them and brings you the 2000 credits.

Pumpkin Throw - Geothermal Valley

The final challenge in this area revolves around fruit. shipyard 5 pumpkins in a nearby basket, the you find with your survival instincts.

Cut - Acropolis

This challenge starts her until her off opponents who are between the market stalls are located. After that you have to 6 destroy hidden radios Trinity. You can find four of them in one place, hanging on the ropes a lot. The next base-camp is of those remaining Bazaar. Two more come only at the warehouse bank facility location.

Scorched Earth - research base

The first challenge in this area is simple: Destroy all easy 4 fuel tanks. The closest camp is the weather station.

The enemy of my enemy - research base

In the vicinity of the camp hall of the guards you have to kindle fire signal 6. You have done that, but there are times 2,000 credits.

Vandal - The Lost City

During the mission, the frozen city, you have the task to destroy all the headless statues in Kitezh. There are a total of 8. The next camp is border of Kitezh.

Whom the Bell Tolls - The Lost City

In the same mission and near the same camp, her challenge is number 2. Cuts all 5 bells in the starting city.

Flags Wars - The Lost City

To complete this challenge, you have all shoot 8 flags Immortal, so they burn. The next camp is also limit of Kitezh.

Burn, Baby, Burn! - The Lost City

The final challenge in the area and throughout the game also takes place in the mission, the frozen city. You have all kindle fire signal 5 with a catapult.

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