Xbox One: Open NAT type and change

Anyone wanting to use the online features of Xbox Live on the Xbox One must configure advance its router might to avoid connection errors. Particularly if the Internet connection is established via a Fritz box, occur NAT issues.

Xbox One: Open NAT type and change

We found an error in the network address translation ( "Network Address Translation, NAT"), you have to open the NAT types on the Xbox One.

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Xbox One: Open NAT type and change

NAT errors manifest themselves such. As the fact that friends in multiplayer games and online parties can not be heard or not hosted multiplayer games, or can not be participated in the online games.

Checks initially the current NAT type of Xbox One:

  1. Presses the menu button on the Xbox One.
  2. choosing "Settings".
  3. Opens the "Network" section.
  4. Among the "Network Settings" we find the current NAT type in the line "Current network status" in areas "NAT Type".

xbox-one network settings

Following meaning hiding behind the displayed NAT type:

Chat available to host multiplayer without restriction for players without NAT type or join gamesChat with some people not possible Mutiplayer games possible, but not as a hostChat with individuals with OPEN NAT network possible host not possible

 Xbox One NAT type &# 8211; assign fixed IP

The change to the open NAT type on the Xbox One is possible by releasing the right for ports and an assignment of a fixed IP for the console. This can you perform on the router. To set up static IP on the Xbox One proceeds as follows:

  1. Opens as described above, the network settings of the console.
  2. Controls the "Advanced Settings.
  3. Mark you the IP address and MAC address (MAC Wired for cable connection, wireless MAC for wireless connection).
  4. Now Log in with the user interface of your router.
  5. In order to fully play online with the Xbox One, activated in the UPnP router menu (Universal Plug'n'Play).
  6. Opens into the router settings required for the console ports (see also: Xbox One - open ports)


Assigns a fixed IP in the settings of the Fritz box or other router in the dedicated menu. Will seek to ensure that you choose an IP address that is already used by a device on the same network. This may prove to her directly via the Windows PC. Give this on the "Run Windows" function the "cmd" command. In the command prompt you give the command "ping" followed by the selected IP address. As a result, receive their diverse information. If as a result of "Destination host unreachable" appear, this IP address is free and can be assigned for the Xbox One.

now controls again the advanced network settings of the Xbox One and opens there the "IP settings". Changes the allocation of DHCP to "manual" and now give a just determined IP address. After opening the Xbox One port you can store and test the NAT type of Xbox One again the settings. If you have problems connecting to Xbox Live to give, you can manually assigning the Xbox One automate again.

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