Jodel-moderator are: Find it and brings it

As yodel moderator you have the right to evaluate the contributions of other Jodel-users and help with keeping the Jodel community clean. But how do you become a yodelling Moderator? And what are the prerequisites? In this guide you will find the answers.

8201Jodel - This can the app

The social media app Yodel has developed for some time as one of the most popular apps at German universities. With the application for smartphone can post their anonymous text messages that are read by the other participants in a locally limited area. In addition to the pure pastime you can collect it even yodel karma and ascend in this manner in the hierarchy. Keep everything clean, you also need someone to watch what is published anything in the community: the yodel moderator.

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be yodel Moderator &# 8211; These are your tasks

As a presenter at yodelling, your task is to keep the Jodel community clean and remove posts that violate the Community Guidelines. These include:

  • Insults and bullying
  • Violent content
  • private information
  • spam
  • illegal content

Are users of Yodel aware of such content, they can make the hosts pay attention to the appropriate contribution by reporting system. This then check if violated guidelines and remove the contribution, if necessary. However, never remove a post in question, a single moderator &# 8211; the moderators work together as a team and be able to decide only on the team, if a post is removed or a user is blocked in extreme cases &# 8211; This comes after its own statement of yodelling but only extremely rarely.

shutterstock_371631484Yodel Moderators can warn other users and even lock in extreme cases.


So you will Moderator at Jodel

Jodel people looking out itself, the potential Moderators &# 8211; So you can you not actively apply for a job as a presenter, but be addressed by yodel when the team thinks that you are suitable. That does not mean that you can do nothing if you want to be really moderator.

  • Be active and posts periodically to yodel.
  • Help it to pass on the positive mood on Yodel to others.
  • Pay attention to violate not even against the behavioral guidelines of yodelling.
  • Whether the Karma points help yodel moderator is not to be known &# 8211; may harm a high Karma score but certainly not because you see with how active you are in the community.
  • Some tips for funny yodel awards can be found here: Jodel Spells &# 8211; The coolest and funniest sayings for yodeling.

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We tell you also what it with the abbreviation &# 8220; OP&# 8221; and the display in yodelling has to be very close.

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