filling Car sales contract as a download, PDF or online

In a motor vehicle purchase contract of purchase, or sale of a used vehicle is being held. We show you where you download a motor vehicle purchase contract, print it or you can fill out online.

The purchase agreement downloads available here are mainly geared to private purchases and sales of used cars. A form with all the important information can be found for download in PDF format at TÜV Süd:


Download Car sales contract or fill out online

A car-purchase agreement should include inter alia the following contents:

  • Name, address and identity card number of both Parties
  • Description of the vehicle manufacturer, the type of vehicle, vehicle identification number, vehicle registration number, previous license plate, mileage, date of first registration, the next inspection date, information about conversions and accessories
  • Information on accident claims
  • Place, date, signature of both parties
  • total price
  • Any special agreements

Both parties purchase, so buyers and sellers must be legally competent and at least 18 years old. Of course, the seller must be the owner of the vehicle. Alternatively, this requires a written power of sale. In addition, no third party rights to the car may have. Car-letter motor vehicle license, Emission inspection certificate and vehicle keys should be handed over at the same time at the handover of the vehicle. Sets her a motor vehicle purchase contract, you can specify that the buyer is obliged to rewrite the motor vehicle to a specific date and sign out. Do you have a motor vehicle purchase contract as a download on the PC, you should print these at least two copies, one for the buyer and one for the seller. Ensures that both versions are signed. In a rapid change of registration you should exist. Under circumstances, be liable for road tax and motor vehicle Haftplichtversicherungsprämie to the former owner falls behind.


the motor vehicle purchase contract in the Road Traffic Act in § 27 (3) (Regulation on the street-legal vehicle) is legally regulated.

Car sales contract: PDF, for print or online filling

The registration certificate, which is the vehicle registration document should be the buyer only handed out when the entire purchase price was paid according to the contract. After all, you already learned in driving school, who is in possession of the motor vehicle registration certificate, which also includes the vehicle.


You can find the motor vehicle purchase contract for download as PDF or directly to fill out online in the browser under the following sources:

  • MOT South
  • ADAC

The download motor vehicle purchase contract pattern is free. In the model contracts to find all the information that should be recorded in writing in a used car sale.

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