Word for free? Getting the free word processor?

You can download free Microsoft Word. However, you then need to activate a license key. But there are programs that are almost genausgut like Word - and free! Look but our Word alternative at times.

Word is part of Microsoft Office. This package or this word processor is its pre-installed on many new computers. This gives the impression that you can get free your Word. But this is deceptive. In this trial you have after a certain period (usually one month) to pay if you want to continue using it. But what would you think of a writing program that has pretty much all the features of Word, but not a cent cost? So you come to a &# 8220; free Word&# 8221 ;.
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No Free Word - but a very good substitute: LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer's almost like Word - only free. It is part of the complete Office package LibreOffice, in the next to the word processor and an Excel alternative, a replacement for PowerPoint, a drawing program, a database and an equation editor are located.

Writer Word is a good alternative equal in many ways. The program, which can be installed individually by the way, can read Word files and write. So the data exchange is not handicapped. Apart from this reminds &# 8220; Free-Word&# 8221; visually very similar to the market leader. At least on the earlier version, as instead of the unloved &# 8220; Ribbon menus&# 8221; yet normal menu structures could be found. Also as far as most hotkeys Writer is like Word. And of course you will also find almost all Word features here.

word-free-writerWriter's almost like Word &# 8211; only for free!

If we here of &# 8220; almost&# 8221; talk, then the development is owed. LibreOffice &# 8211; including Writer - always lags a few small steps behind MS Office. The Office package is developed by a community and is the result of the project OpenOffice. While there has stagnated the development, there are regular updates with LibreOffice. And which are based on newly modeled Microsoft. For this reason, always it takes a little bit until the latest feature has also arrived here.

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Tips for Free Word LibreOffice Writer

  • LibreOffice: insert page numbers
  • LibreOffice: Insert Table of Contents
  • Set line spacing: LibreOffice
  • Setting up LibreOffice Landscape: all variants at a glance

So if you really need the alleraktuellsten Word features, you should not look for a word that gets you free, but investing your money in the purchase of MS Office. Serviceable but anyway believe that you do not need most of the features of Word, then you can strike their free and you set a powerful word processor with LibreOffice Writer to which even newcomers get used quickly her.


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