Prison Break Season 6: The one knows for new season

Whole eight years had fans of Prison Break wait before a continuation of the action series was presented for the fourth season in 2009 recently. Since the April 4, 2017 new episodes were broadcast. Meanwhile, the revival is over. Already after the first episode of the sequel, there were considerations to produce a sixth season of Prison Break.

The odds were especially towards the end to be desired. Nevertheless, one can not drop the Fanstamm, finally, there are some stories to tell.

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Season 6 of Prison Break, despite the weak rates in conversation

The writers commented directly on possible new episodes. So there is a statement which still exist no exact plans for a sixth season. The station chief of FOX, Gary Newman, but expressed interest in new episodes. At the same time stressed that Prison Break is to remain always a "special something" and new episodes should not be disclosed in a typical year cycle in new seasons. Also a new, sixth season would probably appear in a slimmed-down range of up to 9 consequences.

Even co-star Wentworth Miller commented on a possible sixth season. In the series, Miller plays the role of Michael Scofield and is one of the mainstays of the series. When asked about new episodes he expressed to "Entertainment Weekly" that he would "not rule out" other consequences.

"The reboot comes in nine new episodes, starting in the spring of 2017. Depending on how it comes and who will be available, there can be discussions on further episodes. We will see..."

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not yet confirmed Season 6, but possible: Prison Break

The first episode still attracted 3.8 million viewers to their television, in Episode 2 off a 3.18 million TV fans. Similarly, the values ​​in the final episodes of the fourth season looked. Among the episodes of the first season still saw each about 9 million viewers in the US, but the offering of the Series streaming quotes was not as abundant as it is today by far. However, to preserve the hopes for new Prison Break episodes, the ratings should be kept in a satisfactory way for the series responsible area.

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Let's just hope that the makers throw no eye on the German market. Here are the first episodes were running at a very low market share of 2.5 percent and 0.74 million viewers in front of the TV sets on RTL 2. The series thus is below the channel's average. The season finale even fell to a market share of 1.7 percent. Only 0.21 million viewers wanted to see the final.


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