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Riverdale Season 2 runs with us, since October 2017 - thus the comic book adaptation is in the long-awaited second round. Fans of exciting teen mystery soap opera have several reasons to rejoice: Season 2 has introduced more episodes, a new villain and is significantly darker and more exciting than ever before.

Look here the official trailer for the second season and find out what you can expect:

8694Riverdale Season 2: Exclusive HD trailer for the new season

The Story of Riverdale relay 2 is connected directly to the nerve-racking finale of Season. 1 We remember: Archies father Fred was doing shot in a diner-style restaurant. This event will define the first episodes of the new season: Archie swears to avenge his father and goes to a search that leads him to dangerous places and secrets that are not meant for him.

Riverdale Season 2: So it goes with the plot more (Spoiler)

Warning: The following spoilers to action! Only more if their details to the plot and the cast want to know!

Between Jughead and Betty Cooper a few things will change. The series creators have planned a central conflict of the two figures, which has the power to destroy their relationship completely. In addition, young author Jughead Jones will generally get darker traits.

Riverdale Season 2Riverdale promises high voltage again in the second season. Image: The CW

A sad leaving there but unfortunately to cope: Because of its obligation for the dead girls do not lie Season 2, we will have to do without Ross Butler in the role of Reggie. the role was re-occupied it with Charles Melton.

For this, the cast gets a interesting addition to the new villain Hiram Lodge. Lodge is played by actor Mark Consuelos and was mentioned in Season 1 several times. While he was still floated like a threatening premonition about town, he gets in the new episodes finally made his first appearance. As you can imagine, of course, he gets very quickly into conflict with the teenagers.

Met @thecwriverdale family yesterday ... thanks for the warm welcome. Can&# 39; t wait to start #hiramlodge #Riverdale

A contribution divided by Mark Consuelos (@instasuelos) on 26 May 2017 at 14:55

Critical voices were during the broadcast of the first season with regard to the Sexuality Jughead Jones - the really best friend of Archie: The original is "Juggie" asexual. He is more interested in food than for girls. Some fans were so unhappy with this variant is that they launched a petition aussprich for the original versiont. To what extent the serial makers incorporate this critical voices in the production of the second season, it will show. There was also a rumor in the meantime that Jughead is aware only in the course of the series discover his asexuality.

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Riverdale see in the stream at Netflix

Riverdale is an implementation of the same name comics by Archie Comics. The series was developed by the US channel The CW and running in the US also there in the program. For Germany, the streaming provider Netflix has secured the exclusive broadcast rights. Riverdale is "lying dead girls do not" next to currently one of the most popular series on Netflix. With other providers, such as Amazon Prime Video Riverdale is not running.

Riverdale Product ImageIn Germany Riverdale runs exclusively on Netflix. Image: The CW

In the teen thriller, a group of youths tried to clarify the death of the high school student Jason Blossom in the sleepy town of Riverdale - while but all kinds of dirty secrets come to light, as well as of course the romantic entanglements of the various students are discussed extensively. Overall, the original comic Serial adaptation a much darker and more mysterious painting get. To the motley actually a comic smack of Twin Peaks has mixed.

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Riverdale Season 2: start date of the new episodes

Riverdale Season 2 running in Germany since October 12, 2017. In a post on Facebook, Netflix announced the release of long before and even released a short teaser equal, the you do not should be missed.

Riverdale Season 2 thus starts almost simultaneously in the United States. The US channel The CW announced that the second season of Riverdale already in early March 2017 - at that time the first six episodes had run just once. As in the first season every week released a new episode and talk with a nasty cliffhanger in line. If you yet again is the meaning of a well-kept binge-watching round, you can watch Netflix on the piece and call to mind the dramatic events of the complete first season. Have you still not a Netflix subscription can streaming service also 30 day free trial.

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More Follow Second Season of Riverdale

An announcement is likely the fans, of course, particularly pleased. The new season of Riverdale is much longer. In the second season you get this time 21 new episodes - nine episodes more than in the first season.

This promises definitely much new material - and the way it looks, you will get just that. The CW is also in the second season on the proven mix of suspense, mystery, drama and teen romance, the already caused so far for steep viewing figures. After the shocking finale of the first season but it is also clear: Riverdale is again up a gear in the second season and especially considerably darker.