THM and LRV files when shooting video: What is it?

When creating videos is more than just the actual video file is often found in the media memory. With GoPro Actioncams, but also many digital cameras, for example. As Sony or Canon is created a THM file in addition to the video. Also LRV files are more frequent.

What is it with files in the format .thm and .lrv and how to open these files?

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thm file: What is it and how do you open it?

  • "Thm" is an acronym that stands for "thumbnail".
  • So for files of this type is thumbnails for a related video.

Programs that are used to open the preview file "thm" include IrfanView or XnView. After installation, an appropriate program thm files should be automatically linked to open with the application. If this is not the case, click the right mouse button on the file and selects the corresponding image viewing tool. Often it is sufficient to change the file extension to JPG in order to display the image. should delete the thumbnail you not, as it may well be that its associated video file is damaged and no longer can play.

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lrv file: What is it and how do you open it?

THM and LRV files when shooting video: What is it?however, lrv files are no previews. Rather, these are video files that have been created in low resolution on the GoPro. The acronym stands for &# 8220; Low resolution video&# 8221 ;. The video is automatically created in addition to the main film at a GoPro recording. The LRV file comes with a lower resolution and consuming less storage space. The file is suitable for. For example, to transmit a video wirelessly. This file should not delete it. The files are also ideal for video editing if the computer breaks with the higher-resolution video version in performance and only jerky or crashes.

If you want to check what content is behind the file, you can open the lrv file with the VLC Media Player.

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