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In Windows 10, the so-called Hero Wallpaper is by default set as wallpaper. Who wants to use a different wallpaper, can customize the in the settings. Even if Windows is not activated, you can change the background image. We show how to do it and where will you good pictures.

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As wallpaper in Windows 10, the Hero Wallpaper is set. You can a new one for your desktop set, which is also when Windows 10 is not yet activated (see below).

Tip: So you can in Windows 10 set the Design: Windows 10: Change Design - how it works.

Windows 10: Change background image - Here&# 8217; s

Windows 10: Here you change the background image.Windows 10: Here it adjusts your own background image.

To change the background image in Windows 10, do you do the following:

  1. Opens the Windows settings. Presses the key combination Windows + i. Clicks the button personalization. Selects left the menu background of.
  2. Alternatively, you can also right-click an empty area of ​​the desktop and selecting the Customize entry.
  3. In the right pane, you can set up an image, a solid color or a slideshow as desktop wallpaper under the heading Background drop-down menu. Selects image here.
  4. Either you choose among one of the standard Windows images, or you click on the Browse button to select your own picture on your hard drive.
  5. Select when you can adapt in the drop-down menu as your background image is adjusted if it should not have the desktop Dimensions:
    • Fill: Try to find a good compromise to display the image on the desktop.
    • Customize: Enlarges the image until sides abut the desktop edge.
    • Stretch: Stretches the image fits on the desktop in all directions until it.
    • Tile: Makes the image in its original size and repeats it, if it is smaller than the desktop. A tiled pattern ensteht.
    • Centered: Makes the image in its original size and positions it in the desktop middle.
    • Stretch: Stretches the image up sides abut the desktop edge.

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Windows 10: image as your desktop background set (without activation)

Windows 10 makes it impossible to change the background image on the settings when the operating system is not activated yet. However, there is a way to circumvent this:

  1. Invite you a background image from the Internet and copy it to the desktop, for example.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the image file (preferably a JPG).
  3. Selects the entry Set as desktop background.

Although Windows 10 is not activated, the wallpaper is still changed. Where does her good pictures, learn it later.

Windows 10: Right-click it provides an image as a desktop background.Windows 10: Right-click it provides an image as a desktop background.

Windows 10: Wallpaper (HD)

If you wallpapers for Windows 10 searches, you can download our wallpaper pack:

Windows 10 Wallpaper - To download

Also on Microsoft's associated website you will find a large number of HD wallpapers, which are sorted into different categories like animals, Kunds, cars, games, nature, panorama.

At Microsoft, you'll find lots of free wallpapers for Windows 10thAt Microsoft, you'll find lots of free wallpapers for Windows 10th

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