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The Kik Messenger is a welcome alternative that does not want to put on the top dogs WhatsApp for all. Of course the best chat app is useless if you have no one to chat. Below you learn how can you find new Kik contacts.

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Quite simply you can find new friends and of course chat partner for Kik by her your username exchanges in the comments.

Here you can find new Kik contacts

The advantage of Kik against WhatsApp, that you do not come out with his cell phone number. The contact works more, as with Skype, through the exchange of user name. If you also annoyed by penetrating writers, can this easily block.

  • Do you want to find new friends for Kik Messenger, write down your user name and your interests in the comments below.
  • Alternatively, you can find new, unknown contacts for chats quickly within the app.
  • Look also to the dedicated Internet Facebook page for finding new writing partner for Kik Messenger.

To be able to chat with the new contacts, opens the Kik Messenger. Then clicks then selects "people find" on the magnifying glass down and. In the next window, choose "Search for user name" and give the contact name in the appropriate field. kik-contacts-find

Kik: Block and delete contacts

If you receive annoying messages or no longer want to talk to someone, you can also block Kik contacts. This goes as follows:

  1. First opens the chat with the appropriate person.
  2. Selects top left icon for the information to the call.
  3. Selects the profile picture of the chat partner, to want to block her out.
  4. Presses the three points to enter additional settings.
  5. In this selection you can now choose whether you want to remove the contact or even lock.

kik messenger contacts

Alternatively, you open the app's settings. Controls the "Privacy" section and sets the user's name to lock to the lock list. The appropriate person receives no communication on the block.

Be yourself locked in someone, you also do not see that you are blocked. Sent messages continue to be "sent" as and "received" appears. make invisible not can you unfortunately you. The relevant person can find a different user name and write again you so. Here, too, you should then disable this annoying Kik contacts.

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