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With the VirtualDJ Home Free download you get a DJ program that lets you mix music and can add effects. The program presents itself as follows for DJs a replacement for turntables or CD players and mixer.

You can with the VirtualDJ Home Free Download mix music, play so two songs simultaneously and adjust their relative volume. The program will also provide you effects, such as loops and blending. You can also scratch and use all the other features that are usually available to DJs.

Note: In addition to the here offered for download, free of charge VirtualDJ HomeFree there is also a paid version of the program with even more features.

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VirtualDJ Home Free Download: These options offer you the software

VirtualDJ Home Free Download can organize you your song collection and group them in a manner tailored to the needs of DJs way. To find specific songs, can use their filters. You can mix videos and karaoke with the program, appropriate equipment such as a projector provided. VirtualDJ Home Free download contains a lot of effects, from classic effects like flanger, echo, to modern effects such as Beat Grid, slicer or Loop Roll. Also, video effects are available to you; with a built-in sampler to upload your mixes with a wide range of drops and loops spice.

VirtualDJ Home Free gives you the ability to create on-the-fly remixes by their uses the sampler as a sequencer. The program is plug and play compatible with most DJ controllers, the default behavior can be controlled by the powerful, program its own scripting language VDJScript.

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VirtualDJ Home Free Download: What's New in Version 8

With version 8 VirtualDJ HomeFree has been completely revised. Which now contained Sandbox mode allows you already preparing a new mix, while the previous piece is still played. The sampler has been significantly improved and can now play an unlimited number of samples simultaneously.

  • Suitable for professionals and amateurs
  • Mix of videos and karaoke possible
  • Many effects possible
  • Compatible with most DJ controllers
  • Fitted with its own scripting language program
  • No


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