Football today: Turkey – Iceland on TV & amp; Listen live (World Cup Qualifiers 2018)

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The qualifying first leg in Reykjavik about a year ago have the Icelanders can decide for themselves. With a victory, however, the Turkish national team still has the chance to direct World Cup qualification in the last two games. When and how you watch the game on TV and live stream * can, we show you here.

RTL nitro reporting live from the Eskişehir Atatürk Yeni Stadı (Dt. New Eskisehir Ataturk Stadium). Of the kicking off takes place for the second leg of the World Cup qualifier between Turkey and Iceland at 20:45. He who is not or transfer at home can not receive the TV channel, the game can also tracked online live stream.

For soccer live stream via TV Movie*

The video explains how the TV online streaming with TV feature film works live:

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World Cup qualifiers today: Turkey - Iceland live stream & TV

The RTL Nitro live stream, there is a charge on TVNow (2.99 euros a month) or at the following streaming services:

  • Magine *: Basic package for 10 euros a month
  • TV Spielfilm live *: Premium package for 9.99 euros a month
  • Zattoo: Premium package for 9.99 euros a month

After the first application, these services can be tested free of charge usually for a limited time. Alternatively, you can also look through sports streaming service DAZN * World Cup qualifying Group I.

With the appropriate apps you also see the transfer of Turkey - Iceland live stream on your Android smartphone and tablet, iPhone and iPad.

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Football today: Turkey - Iceland live broadcast on RTL Nitro

  • The preliminary reports for the game between Turkey and Iceland begins at 20:15.
  • Markus Kavka will as usual guide you through the football evening on RTL Nitro.
  • At his side, the football coach and former football player Steffen is a friend.
  • Stefan Fuckert comments from the new Eskisehir Ataturk Stadium.

The national teams of Turkey and Iceland met to date each other 10 times. 6 times Iceland was win the match, 2 times won the Turks and 2 times there was a tie.

After a somewhat weak Qualification start, the Turkish national disconnect currently only two points from the first and second placed - Croatia and Iceland - the group I. Only the table first qualifies directly for Russia, the second has to detention in the play-offs - both options are still open to the Turkish team. Since the third place in the World Cup finals of 2002, the team unfortunately failed to qualify more and Icelanders are sure no easy opponent for any World Cup.

For soccer live stream via TV Movie*

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World Cup qualifying - 9. Match - Results and Matches from 6.10.

DGeorgia - Wales18:000: 1
DIreland - Moldavia20:452: 0
DAustria - Serbia20:453: 2
GItaly - Macedonia20:451: 1
GLiechtenstein - Israel20:450: 1
GSpain - Albania20:453: 0
ICroatia - Finland20:451: 1
ITurkey - Iceland20:450: 3
IKosovo - Ukraine20:450: 2

As the game might go out on Monday the tenth and final game day of the World Cup qualifying for the Turkish team, in which they have to play against the Finns defeated. Finland is currently second from bottom of Group I and had a first leg 0: plug against Turkey. 2

From 20:15 pm you can in Turkey - Iceland live stream TV and RTL Nitro on. The summary of the highlights is sent at 22:30.