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If you have problems with a company, a company or a website, you have to take as a rule the possibility of contact with the service, such. As in the DHL via the hotline or via the Amazon phone number. contact can also record with Facebook Germany.

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The contact details of Facebook Germany, however, are pretty well hidden. Due to the high number of users Facebook has also previously plenty of ways to inquire about common problems and errors. The high number of Facebook members makes it nearly impossible for the operators of the social network to provide a service hotline on the phone. A public Facebook Phone Therefore, for Germany it is not.

Contact Facebook Germany &# 8211; What are the options?

Common problems and to help on the social network has its own service area, to be answered in which various issues on Facebook. Give up the relevant page in the search bar corresponding terms and you get usually an answer, even without the Facebook Germany to have contact by phone or contacted in writing. The most common problems with Facebook you will also find in our detailed help information and instructions:

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Facebook Germany contact only by form

To deal with individual problems, the support page of Facebook opens in German. In the help section you will find answers to various themed areas such. As for security, privacy, etc. for use of inappropriate images Moreover, you can report content here, if they have no place in the social network. The imprint can be found though a support-mail address (impressum-support.at.support.facebook.com), but you should not be here assume that direct contact requests are answered. imprint-support

  • Was your account disabled, you can get in touch with Facebook Germany via this link.
  • If you have no desire for the social network, this link used to delete the account.
  • If a family member or friend died, it stands to reason also that the account is deleted. If the credentials can not be determined, you can contact the Facebook support to put the profile into a "memorial state". The profile is seen only for friends of the deceased, the wall can be used in order to leave remembrance and condolences. Alternatively, the profile can also be completely deleted.
  • For a particular problem provided contact forms are usually processed only for this question. Bypassing the lack of Facebook phone number is not possible.
  • Due to the number of users you should at contact requests also patience bring is processed until your request the service.


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