Watchdogs: cheats, tips and tricks – to earn money by chopping and poker

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Finally Ubisoft sends its representatives to the struggle for the game of 2014, watchdogs, the gamer world going on. Similar to GTA and Co. it paves your way through an open world. As is usual in open-world games, your fund is relatively manageable especially at the beginning yet. A video shows now how to make money in watchdog and not even have to do a lot of effort.

Watchdogs: cheats, tips and tricks - to earn money by chopping and poker

The video shows you how you can get money in watchdogs by hacking.

Watchdogs: make money, get rich

In the YouTube video you portrays "Jobless Gamers" on which corners in the city its very many rich people place. earn as a venue for the money, the YouTuber has selected a dock in The Loop. In order to quickly and easily get rich, you need to optimize your hacking skills in advance. Concentrate primarily on the following branches of the talent tree:

  • ATM Hack Boosts
  • Profiler Optimizations
  • Hack Boots Plus

You once expanded her Profiler Optimizations, the big fish with a bulging money account on the card are automatically highlighted. Hacks the account to gain access to the money of the rich and famous. In this way, it should be possible for you, your watchdogs balance within five minutes around $ 100,000 to replenish.

Besides chopping her also can earn money by completing regular orders. Keep your eyes on the spread of the city mini-missions.

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Watchdogs Cheats for poker

Do you want to get money quickly to make Chicago uncertain, it is also a kind of cheat for poker in watchdog. Here, the protagonist Aiden takes his smartphone to help. For the watchdog Cheat security cameras need to be taken in the places where is a gamble. By Hack the security camera, the heart rate of the opponent can be displayed. In addition, you can in this way have a look at the cards your opponents throw. In addition, you can proceed at poker with tactical skill. Put opponents in the pre-flop betting round high amounts rise this also usually fast. therefore also plays high stakes to clear the blinds. The video of CeleronS1 illustrates the cheat method by which you can get at poker in watchdogs of massive coal.

Money, Money, Money: Is there watchdogs cheats?

Already last month Jonathan Morin has announced on Twitter that there was no &# 8220; real&# 8221; Watchdogs cheats will be. So unlike GTA 5 and Co. you have no way to get through the entry of a code for money, vehicles and items here.


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