Lock iPhone: So you lock the SIM card and delete your data

You can lock your iPhone when you have lost the smartphone from Apple or the mobile device is stolen. We show you what options you have there and how you can lock the iPhone to keep the damage to a minimum.

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Smartphones such as Apple's iPhone are increasingly becoming an indispensable companion in everyday life. Meanwhile, almost everything stored on the personal mobile device: contacts, numbers, videos, music, e-mail and personal information. The more annoying it when you have lost the iPhone or the device was even stolen is. Fortunately, all is not lost even in this case. You can locate the iPhone or lock from a distance, even if you do not have personal access to them. And even if you do not go back gets the iPhone, you can still remove the personal data on the device.

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Lock iPhone: smartphone is lost or stolen

First, however, it should be between &# 8220; stolen&# 8221; and &# 8220; lost&# 8221; differ. Do you have the iPhone &# 8220; only&# 8221; lost, you can at least still hope that you get it back some honest. Was it, however, certainly stolen from your pocket or are you been attacked, this chance is naturally rather low. In the latter case you should as soon as possible, the police alert, post ad, and Vodafone, AldiTalk & Co.&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: //www.giga.de/extra/android-spezials/tipps/sim-karte-sperren-so-geht-s-bei-o2-vodafone-base-co/&# 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>Lock SIM card. Then the thieves or robbers can not call around at your expense with the stolen iPhone namely.

To lock the iPhone, you call immediately after you have determined the loss of at the appropriate hotline of your provider. All major mobile operators have either phone numbers to the SIM lock, or offer their customers portals in the network the ability to block cards.

Here are the links to the appropriate phone numbers and web portals of the major providers are (more info for Austria and Switzerland&# 8217; s in this practical table):

  • Telekom: number 0800-3302202 (free) or 2202 with a telecom phone. Also online or at the Telekom Shop possible.
  • o2: number 01804-055222 (0.20 euros / dt call from the fixed network.) or 0176-88855222.
  • Vodafone: 1212 (free from a Vodafone network) or 0800-1721212 (from all other networks). Also in the Vodafone shop practicable, also you can offer your phone to lock itself using the IMEI.
  • E-Plus: Call number 1000 (contract customers, 0.99 euros / call) or 1150 (prepaid customers, 0.49 euros / call) from the E-Plus network, otherwise at 0177-177-1000 or -1150 , Also via the web portal possible.

If you give up a display, you should have ready in any case the IMEI number &# 8211; using this number to your cell phone can be clearly identified. You can find the IMEI number. the iPhone on either the back of the device, your mobile phone bill or the original packaging. Alternatively you can also copy the number View by entering the code # 06 # on the keypad of the iPhone to let. This is of course not when the iPhone is gone: Listed you the IMEI number in due time, therefore, before it is too late. In addition, you also should the number of the SIM card specify &# 8211; and so you can identify yourself and prove that you have actually purchased the iPhone.

Tip: Checks with your provider to see if you can disable not only the SIM card of the iPhone, but equal to the entire IMEI. In this case, the entire device is unusable &# 8211; which lends itself just in case of theft. The thieves then can the device do not use when exchanging the SIM card with a new card.

iPhone Lock with iCloud: remote wipe and lock

Lock iPhone: So you lock the SIM card and delete your dataIf you have lost the iPhone or it is stolen, you can lock it yourself also: In this way, no one has access to apps and services. Is made possible by Apple's iCloud cloud storage, you can manage it your personal data and the machine settings using. Provides First, make sure the option is activated looking iPhone.

  • Opens to the Settings app on the iPhone and navigate to the submenu here iCloud.
  • Here you activate the option Find My iPhone.
  • So you can the same function Find My iPhone use either from another iPhone or the iCloud website.

On the iCloud website you can login you with your Apple ID and sign the corresponding password. Then you can the locate lost iPhone now. With the app, you also have the ability to play a loud sound (if it is suspected nearby) and a set lock code. In addition, you can post a message to the finder and a telephone number to enter, under which you are away (of course, if you have not already blocked only the SIM card of the lost iPhone).

On the subject:

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Clear iPhone remotely

If your iPhone is stolen and you do not believe, ever see your lost smartphone again, there is still a last resort as a last resort: You can delete your iPhone and likewise looking remotely in the App My iPhone. With the Function "Remote Wipe" all personal data is deleted and thus protected from unauthorized access by third parties.

Important to know: To ensure that all existing data, content and settings from the smartphone and another access via the Web App is no longer possible. In addition, in order then any possibility to locate the iPhone or to send messages to any Finder eliminated. this option sets therefore wisely and only when you are you really sure that you will no longer find remotely locating the iPhone.

Lock iPhone: So you lock the SIM card and delete your data

Lock iPhone number &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Owner of an iPhone may also lock individual phone numbers, e.g. if you do not want that you calling a specific contact. Here, you just have to do is highlight the contact in your caller list block. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Opens the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate here submenu caller list and tap on the i icon in the circle to the right of the contact that want to lock it.
  3. then scrolls in new window all the way down and tap on contact block.
  4. Confirmed at the end again.
Photo 25.01.17, 10 13 03In the call log you can lock on the iPhone, the number of contacts.


From the Sun blocked number you then get no calls, face-time requests or messages. The same method also works in the news app on the iPhone. Typed here on the i icon next to the contact and then lock on contact.

We show you also what you can do if the SIM card is not recognized.

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