Configured with the freeware SpeedFan the speed of your CPU fan.

The freeware SpeedFan allows the user, the fan speed of the main processor (CPU) by software control. The tool also gives current information on the temperature of the processor, graphics card and hard drive.

Fan control with SpeedFan Download

The temperature specifications mentioned are very handy to have a clue when the SpeedFan download used for its original purpose, namely the fan control. It makes sense to reduce the speed of the processor fan, so as to reduce the noise is. For the purpose of increasing the processor cooling the fan speed but can also be increased. This makes particular in a CPU overclocking sense.

9419Winload SpeedFan Video Overview

care with the SpeedFan download at overclocking adequate cooling

If one wants to overclock its processor, the use of the tool speedfan offers, in order to ensure continued adequate cooling. With the button &Configure; # 8220&# 8221; under the tab &# 8220; Readings&# 8221; You can change the fan speed again to configure an overclocking adequate cooling. However, one should be very careful with these settings, because an incorrect configuration can quickly cause hardware damage, for example due to overheating.

Under the Button &Configure; # 8220&# 8221; in the &# 8220; Readings&# 8221; menu of SpeedFan Downloads it is also possible, incidentally, to be notified when certain events occur; for example, a pop-up or e-mail. Such events can be, for example reaching a certain processor temperature.


With the button &Minimize; # 8220&# 8221; in the &# 8220; Readings&# 8221; menu, the program window of SpeedFan Downloads are minimized to the taskbar as well, where it then provides information on the temperature-called hardware.

Invite you in the category System Tools more tools for your hardware, such as the free Core Temp also down.

Gallery SpeedFan

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  • Control of the CPU fan
  • Measurement of temperature and strain
  • Protection against overheating
  • Unfortunately, not portable
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