Snapchat: See Change name, new name – so you go

In Snapchat you can change your name, is displayed to other users &# 8211; handy if you get tired of the old nickname. We show you how to do that and also tell you how you can find a new Snapchat names, such as a nickname, the guarantee has not.

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Snapchat is also 2016 still one of the hottest apps for iOS devices and Android smartphones and especially by younger users very popular. Who's been a while now, but at some point may want to change its Snapchat names. Perhaps you have at some point sometimes sent some photos and stories to which you have not been proud and now wants therefore a different nickname. Whatever the case &# 8211; we'll show you what options you have.

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Snapchat: Change Name in iOS and Android &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

If you want to change your name in Snapchat, initially a small damper: Unfortunately is not so easily possible without deleting its own account (see next section). What you can however easily change, is the name that other users will see in Snapchat &# 8211; and that is probably what most of you want. The process is identical in iOS and Android - is this:

  1. Starts Snapchat.
  2. Click then in the lower right corner of your account button.
  3. Now open your friends list, it is at the top your screen name, which is visible to other users.
  4. Right click on the gear icon next to your display name. Selects now Name Edit to change your name.
  5. Finally, it approved the change by their taps on Save.
Screenshot_2015-03-09-15-47-24In Snapchat account you change the display name that is displayed to other users.

Finished! That you may have changed your Snapchat names: The new name will now appear in the friends list of your contacts and chats, even if you actually still uses the same name with the did you originally registered.

Change Snapchat names with Delete Account

Another way to change your username in Snapchat, running about deleting your Snapchat accounts. So that you will delete the complete user account and can following a completely new acount with new desired domain name to create. How this works, you read in this guide: Delete Snapchat account &# 8211; note that you can of course select the new user account only names that have not yet been awarded.

Tip: After uninstalling all Snapchat contacts are once deleted. using the Option friends you can import them from the contact book  &# 8211; If you want to change in chat or in the friends list only your name, but we recommend the first option because the whole thing is a little time consuming and not very comfortable.Screenshot_2015-03-09-15-46-30In the settings of Snapchat's username is displayed, you can change it but only in a roundabout way.

Find new name in Snapchat &# 8211; Ideas for cool nickname

Now you know how it changes its name to Snapchat. Next problem: You need a cool, creative name for Snapchat and you simply can not think of anything? We will help you in your search. Look to our video &# 8211; Here we show you some great ways that you come quickly to a new name:
67429find new username

If you have not been able to find here and a little more creative needs are in the Internet numerous Web sites with good ideas for your username on Snapchat and Co.

Try, for example, the following pages:

  • Funny names on laughter champion.
  • Name generator on
  • Funny names on


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