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The Google Chrome Portable Download you get the latest version of the portable Google Chrome, which you can boot directly from a USB stick without installation.

Google Chrome is a modern free web browser by Google, who brings all relevant for a browser features: tabs, phishing filter and much more. Using the profile function you can save individual settings such as different Internet connection settings &# 8211; ideal for notebook users and mobile media.

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Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome Portable Download &# 8211; Advantages over other web browsers

Google Chrome offers significant advantages over other browsers in some respects. Since individual tabs running in each process, the browser is much safer from falls. Chrome offers the best JavaScript performance of all browsers, thanks to the Google self-development TraceMonkey. Especially on websites that rely heavily on technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX (like most Google services) the user will notice the speed increase. When rendering engine of websites Google Chrome Webkit used (as opposed to Firefox and Co, use the Gecko), just like the Safari browser from Apple.

Google Chrome Portable is a special browser from PortableApps. There, you can always find the latest version and also many other programs that are not really portable, but were made there to do so.

Of the Google Chrome Portable Download filling form fields on request independently from using specially defined content, such as name and email address. This saves typing and reduces errors when typing. One can also zoom in with Chrome form fields by placing them at the bottom right corner with the mouse in the length &# 8220; draws&# 8221 ;. The new full-screen mode of Google Chrome, accessible via the F11 key, displays the web to fill the screen. When viewing pages, for example, via a projector, this is advantageous.

  • High speed
  • Good integration of Google services
  • portable
  • No


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