Cortisone Ointment or tablets – these facts have to know everyone!

Cortisone is a very effective drug, and often the only thing that ever contributes to the alleviation especially in chronic complaints. However, an incorrect application can, for example, cortisone ointment have a devastating effect, what not explicitly clear up all the doctors when they prescribe the medicine. Perhaps one reason why the drug is useful decried by many to be the devil. In this guide you will find important rules of conduct when dealing with the hormone cortisol and cortisone preparations. 

Cortisone Ointment or tablets - these facts have to know everyone!

Cortisone is an indispensable part of modern medicine, but who has to deal with it for the first time, should urgently seek some information about the respective preparation and take fundamental properties of cortisone drugs noted. This article is aimed primarily at first-time users, who have not received sufficient information from their prescribing physician or want to use one of the non-prescription drugs.

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Cortisone: What is it?

  • Cortisone or cortisone based on the vital hormone cortisol, which in the adrenal cortex i.a. is formed from cholesterol and is one of the glucocorticoids.
  • Hormones in the body is always a particular purpose and are transported through the bloodstream to their respective destination.
  • The term cortisone is used colloquially for a group of substances that have similar structures and properties that glucocorticoids or glucocorticoids.
  • This can not only be produced by the body, but also chemically produced. This makes the use as a medicine for a variety of diseases possible.

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cortisone &# 8211; Devil or panacea?

Cortisone preparations there for taking in the form of tablets or sprays and for external application for skin problems. Basically for taking an old rule of thumb: As much as necessary and as little as possible! Especially with chronic diseases that are often difficult decisions, but also good success with alternative medical measures have already been achieved in asthmatics. Asthma, like eczema an auto-immune disease, therefore cortisol has a good effect because it can weaken the struggle of the immune system against itself.

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The risk of side effects from the use of cortisone preparations generally rises:

  1. The longer the treatment period lasts
  2. The higher the dose and the distribution in or on the body.

A proper treatment with cortisone therefore aims to place the lowest possible but effective dosage as accurately as possible in the affected region. So that the risks can be minimized unpleasant side effects and still achieve a good healing success.

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Cortisone: What not to do

  • The drug suddenly and arbitrarily settle. In the application of cortisone is very fast, like a drug, a habituation effect one. Substituting the body so to speak, cold turkey, which can, among others result in rapid return of symptoms.
  • change the dosage without authorization.

For anyone with an ointment following urgent instructions are in addition:

  1. NEVER use the ointment on the affected area also. remain within the spot with the ointment and apply a thin layer above all. Ointment that is smeared over the edges of the skin irritation that animates the skin as an organ to form more such bodies. Cortisone must be tapered slowly when taking should be ended.
  2. It may happen that the clinical picture in such a way worse than that suddenly begin to multiply the diseased skin areas. Usually this happens in mirror image, ie on the opposite side, the other arm or leg. Then visit the doctor and not the ointment then apply also to these places.
  3. Eczema or psoriasis are not something you should try to keep permanently with cortisone in check. Here can be combined with diet, for example, achieve the avoidance of histamines, much lasting success. For relief of itching normal olive oil may be much better, for example, than any lotion or ointment.

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In general, the pharmaceutical industry plays the side effects like down and doctors often do not inform enough about the proper use when prescribing the drugs. is too little discussed, that there are alternative treatments for many ailments in order to eliminate the symptoms. Many diseases require even, for various skin conditions can be really short term only with cortisone &# 8220; heal&# 8221; and require the identification of the cause and a corresponding treatment.

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