Microsoft Word 2007

With Microsoft Word 2007, the 2007 version of Microsoft's word processor is for you to download, which in turn is part of the Office 2007 package.

Note: The Download button takes you directly to the corresponding Microsoft website, from where you can download you the full version of Office 2007, which includes the Microsoft Word download in the version of 2007. Note that you need a valid license key.

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Microsoft Word 2007 is part of Microsoft Office 2007 and the predecessor of Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016. In addition to general improvements that concern everyone in Office 2007 contained programs, such as the introduction of the ribbon (ribbon) and live previews, the XML-based file format OpenXML and the compatibility mode, also affect many improvements Word 2007 particularly.

Microsoft Word 2007: Improvements and new features

In Microsoft Word 2007 to insert preformatted elements is easier than in previous versions, and there are many templates for professional-looking documents. Charts have received 2,007 new formats such as transparency and 3D effects in Word. Furthermore, the functions have been improved for the joint editing of documents. For example, all revisions and comments in Word 2007 documents can now be managed centrally.Microsoft Word 2007

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Word Download 2007: The Document Inspector and PDF support

With the document inspector documents can be checked for hidden metadata 2007, and these digital signatures are added invisible in Microsoft Word. Using an appropriate add-ons can be added to support of PDF and XPS files 2007 Word. In addition, Word 2007 includes improved features to prevent data loss.



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