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The electric car Tesla Model 3 currently created a particularly euphoric states. After the presentation of the electric car from Tesla Motors has been reserved by more than 500,000 customers, recently the first 30 models found a new owner. But what can the Tesla Model 3 actually exactly to justify this enthusiasm? What is the equipment, what about the reach and how fast is the new electric car? In our guide we give you a complete overview of the Tesla Model third

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States how to be the privilege of Apple: The Überabe the first 30 Tesla Model 3 vehicles early August 2017 was a huge spectacle. Elon Musk personally drove one of the new electric cars to the stage to thank all preorder. Then allowed the first 30 customers drive (all employees of Tesla) one of the coveted cars home. Since April 2016, more than 500,000 prospective customers had pre-ordered a Tesla Model-third For Elon Musk and his company a record which resulted in revenues worth around 10 billion US dollars. Apparently electric cars are probably not so unsexy as previously thought - you have it apparently only pack properly.

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Tesla Model 3: The revolution in the auto market?

What is interesting here is that not so much is known about the Tesla Model 3 at the moment &# 8211; which raises the question: Can the electric car really meet the high expectations of the customers? To answer that, it's probably still a little early &# 8211; so you can but do you ever get an overview (if the hype is not yet passed on to you), we have put together all the information available to date on the Tesla Model 3 in the following article.

Tesla Model 3 ScreenshotTesla presented the Model 3 as a modern, sporty and environmentally conscious mainstream vehicle. Picture: Tesla

Tesla Model 3: Price and Features

With the Model 3 Tesla wants to penetrate the mass market and produce the highest possible quantities. The Tesla Model 3 is therefore designed as a mid-size sedan that appeals to a wide audience and is affordable for average earners. Tesla called a &# 8220; exhaust-free, long-range sports car&# 8221; - customers want to deal with &# 8220; advanced technology that offers a high level of everyday utility&lure # 8221 ;,. So far it is known that there will be several Tesla Model 3 models with different equipment &# 8211; But the information here refers only to the already introduced basic model.

  • The price of the base model is on the US market $ 35,000 (The equivalent of about 31,000 euros).
  • Customers who bought the Tesla Model 3 secured by reservation, had to make an advance payment of US $ 1,000 &# 8211; so Tesla will prevent customers later withdraw back from buying.
  • Since electric cars but are subsidized by the state in many countries, the final price of the Tesla model could still be well below 35,000 US dollars.

With this prize Tesla directly accesses the established competition from BMW, Audi and Mercedes to: By 2020, one would like to produce 500,000 electric cars annually &# 8211; much of it could for the mainstream designed Tesla Model 3 be.

Look here (if not already) the official presentation of the Tesla Model 3 to:

Tesla Model 3: Technical data overview

The Model 3 will be available in two versions, which differ from the performance of the batteries ago. The standard version of the electric car has a range of 350 km and a top speed to 208 km / h. In the most powerful version of Model 3 long range electric car even comes up to 500 km range and a top speed of 224 kilometers per hour.

According to Tesla, the Model 3 should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. Not reveal the company has been the size of the respective battery packs. When battery of the Tesla Model 3 is currently one but from a maximum capacity of 75 kWh.

Here are the technical data again at a glance:

vehicle length4.7 meters
acceleration0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds
Range on a single chargeTo 350 km: Model 3 Long Rage: 499 km
all wheel driveoptional for under 5,000 US dollars
seatsSpace for five adults, all seats are folded down
Child seats2 to 3 child seats on the backseat
trailer hitchoptional

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Tesla Model 3 pre-order: Availability of electric cars

Those who have already pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3 must be patient a little while until the electric car is launched. By the end of 2017 Tesla wants to come to an output of 20,000 assembled vehicles per month, 2018 then produce a total of 500,000 electric cars. With the large demand, prospective buyers in Germany will probably have to wait until the second half of 2018 until they leave their own model-3 in the garage. To move more customers to switch to an electric car from Tesla, Musk also still wants to significantly expand the network to Supercharger columns. Drivers can recharge the car at the Tesla stations &# 8211; so far, there are about 35 stations in Germany until the end of 2017 this number will be doubled.

Tesla Supercharger EuropeAcross Europe, there are about 150 Super-Charger charging stations. Picture: Tesla

If you're interested in a Tesla Model 3 (and the wherewithal brings), you can pre-order the electric car on the official Tesla website. For comparison, we show you in another article the cost of new & S used models of Tesla. In addition, you learn with us how you can book a free Tesla test drive.

Source pictures: Tesla Motors