off E-Plus Mailbox: Find it!

Anyone who owns a mobile phone contract with E-Plus and do not want to constantly listen to their mailbox, this may also simply disable or turn off. How this works, we show you in this article.

off E-Plus Mailbox: How to's!

A free mailbox belongs to the standard of each mobile contract with E-Plus. Is a call, which you just can not answer personally, the call is forwarded to voice mail. E-Plus will send you then a short text message that you informed about the new message in your mailbox.

off E-Plus Mailbox

The mailbox can be disabled both directly through E-Plus and via the Smartphone or mobile phone. course work fastest deactivation via the smartphone. simply calls for the character combination ## 002 #. After a short time you will receive a confirmation of deactivation.

Those who want to switch off the mailbox on the mobile network operator can do so in MyEplus center. Then, the mailbox is as far off, that it must be completely reconfigured with a renewed activation.


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