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Have you accidentally deleted a folder in Windows, you can recover it. We show you how.

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recover deleted folder

By default, you can restore it as deleted data:

  1. opens waste paper bin.
  2. chooses click the folder with the right mouse button and Restore out.

Windows displays the folder now back to its original location at. Alternatively, it pulls the folders with the mouse from the trash to where you want to have him.

By default, you can restore it from the trash her folder.By default, you can restore it from the trash her folder.

Tip: If you folder in Windows Explorer have been deleted, can you Ctrl + Z press to restore them quickly.

recover deleted folder (Recycle Bin)

If the deleted item no longer in the trash, because you have emptied the recycle bin or bypassed him, does the following:

  1. Recuva installed the tool (but not on the hard disk where the folder was deleted).
  2. then followed our picture track that shows step by step how their folders (and files) can recover.
Start Photogallery(10 images)With Recuva rescue deleted data - frame by frame

If you should have problems with Recuva, you can also use the program PC Inspector File Recovery. Also this place folders and files, even partially failed hard drive and can restore them.

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