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Amiga Games: Download the classic free playHere is, as announced, the continuation of UAE: Amiga emulator for PC and Mac as a free download. As a reminder, we showed you last week how to gamble classic with an emulator Amiga games on today's PCs and Macs. Today is about the last and most important pieces of the puzzle - the games. As always, all legal and free!

First of all: to be able to down loaded Amiga games to play on your PC or Mac, you need an Amiga emulator like WinUAE! Here again a good and easy to understand beginners tutorial for WinUAE.

Download here for free and legal: Amiga Games

A huge Amiga Games archive is the project Back to the Roots - Amiga. The makers of the page wear for over 10 years together free Amiga games that you can download it legally and gamble. The enthusiasm of operators - get "Back to the Roots Amiga" alive without pay as a private-pleasure is absolutely commendable and commands respect. Since it no longer falls then quite so significant that the site is unfortunately optically extremely improved. The same applies regrettable as well as for navigation and clarity. However: the bottom line of the content counts and which, fortunately, is moderately available!

Amiga Games: Download the classic free play

Under the menu item "ADF Games" finds its disk images of Amiga games. Simply the virtual floppy drive from WinUAE insert and off you go! With "HD Games" Amiga games are included, the need to install it on the virtual hard disk of WinUAE.

Amiga Games: Download the classic free play

Back to the Roots - Amiga
Giant archive with Free Amiga Games

A German Amiga Games page with significantly better presentation and navigation as "Back to the Roots - Amiga" is Again, free download and gamble legally permitted &# 8211; Commercial use is not allowed.

Amiga Games: Download the classic free play
German site with free Amiga games

In the last article we mentioned the top classics Turrican. Producer Factor 5 provides you on its website not only the free downloads of Turrican 1 to 3, together with soundtrack available, but also the popular Amiga games Katakis, R-Type and BCkid!

Amiga Games: Download the classic free play

Explanation: Katakis, R-Type and BCkid (menu item "Classic for free" on the bottom left) you can download for free and gamble legally. The Turrican soundtrack can be found under the same menu item on the bottom left. Turrican 1-3 (menu item "backups" below left) is just you as a free download. Although Turrican 1-3 start without problems WinUAE: you are allowed to play only the trilogy, if you own the respective original Amiga!

Amiga Games: Download the classic free playTurrican
Download and other Amiga-top classic free

By the way, tell us and other Load blog readers what were your personal Amiga-Games highlights, or are! Simply Scollt this down and uses our comment function. We look forward to receiving your feedback!