Smombie: Definition, Meaning and what that has to do with traffic lights

Every year one appointed by Langenscheidt Publishing jury selects the youth word of the year. The top spot occupied in 2015 the word &Smombie; # 8220&# 8221; - rumoxidieren before merkeln and. We tell you at this point what it means, why it has made the race and what to do with it lights.

Youth language is already a thing apart. You can hear pretty much everywhere, but properly understand they do usually only the young people themselves. And even if some adult turns up his nose on the new words that linguistics has long recognized the youth language as a scientific object. And since 2008 a term is elected youth word of the year every year. 2015 was the portmanteau Smombie.

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Smombie: Reasons for the league leaders

Smombie is a Portmanteau of the words phone and Zombie. People who are so focused on their Smarphone that they no longer perceive their environment are called Smombies.

As portmanteau word refers to an artificial word, which is composed of at least two morphologically overlapping words. Other examples include brunch or Spanglish. Instead portmanteau word you can say manteau word and box word or port (s).

One of reasons, why the authority appointed by Langenscheidt Publishing jury Smombie words such Earthporn, Tinderella or alpha-Kevin (to which there was a minor scandal) if the priority is on the following matter: Smombie describes the self-understanding of most people in dealing with their phone.

anxious female zombie staring at her cellphone

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Smombie: Traffic light for the floor

Because this behavior is dangerous, especially in road transport, was for the Generation head down ground traffic light invented. Sometimes you can hear in this context, the term Bompel - portmanteau word from soil and traffic lights. This refers to a traffic signal light that is embedded directly into the sidewalk. In most cases these are LED lights that flash as soon as a source of danger - for example a tram &# 8211; the pedestrian approaches.

  • In 2010, in Frankfurt am Main red light strips installed at the stop Lindenbaum into the ground. And since there were actually on this route no fatal traffic accidents more.
  • 2,016 were in Augsburg and Cologne isolated Bompeln entered into the ground. Cologne has, however, decided not to install more Bond lamps.
  • Berlin from the beginning was against the idea of ​​floor lamps.

So dear pedestrians, always beautiful eyes!

Dangerous walking

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