Just Cause 3: Tips and tricks for beginners in the Guide

Your looking for a game with which you can destroy comfortably after work building? The third-person shooter Just Cause 3 is perfect for such evenings. Here are allowed things blow up and fly the wingsuit through the fictitious Mediterranean island Medici.

Probably the best gadget in Just Cause 3 is Grappling hook, with which you can shimmy you not only to buildings along but also fuel drums Moors with opponents of watchtowers. The Mediterranean island has 1,000 square kilometers, the entry in Just Cause 3 can overwhelm before. This guide shall the practical tips and tricks to open world bring closer.

In Just Cause 3 of wingsuit and the grappling hook is your best friendIn Just Cause 3 of wingsuit and the grappling hook is your best friend

Just Cause 3 - beginners tips for speedy explosion experts

Before you make yourselves at the open-world shooter Just Cause 3, should you following beginners tips and tricks to read carefully. Respected her this, you are perfect for the equipped living and fighting on Medici.

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Beginner's Tips: Basics for Medici

The game and the story is fairly simple: your returns as Rico Rodriguez back to your homeland Medici. Here there Dictator called General Di Ravello, exploited the people and the resources of the island. Rico wants to end that. Him there are some nice gadgets available. are the focus Wingsuit, grappling hook and parachute .To use all three gadgets optimally in combination, you have a few Special Abilities unlock.

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Here we are already at the first tip: Makes you familiar at the beginning with these three objects. The tutorial takes about an hour. This time also needs you to keep you busy enough with the objects and master the control right.

Any hostile objects are marked by color. You find Red Tanks or buildings with red markings, they belong to di Ravello. The color blue shows you that item for the rebels belongs.

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More tips we have listed to you below:

  • taste the rebel bombing of rebels token. The get her in the cities that have freed her. Search there afterwards in the garages.
  • Once you have freed province or visited, it appears on your map. But if you will see previously learn about the area can, click on the map and then zoom out. then hovering over the cursor over the province.
  • The Collectibles are displayed as a question mark on the map. You are near such goods, you hear a beep and see a white bar with points. The closer you come to the Collectible, the higher the frequency of the beeping is.
  • Do you want to liberate a city from the clutches of dictatorship, you will receive a new Checklist of targets. This varies from city to city, so it is not boring. As entry-tip we recommend you to first destroy some speakers, statues, billboards etc.. But a major goal in the liberation of a province remains the same: you have to the police station of the area to enter and liberate the police. Is the Police station free, often want rebels in the building. For this you what a have to open the gates, ye hack a computer need. Be careful! You are vulnerable to enemy shots, if you do this.
  • Do you want helicopter effectively destroy using your grappling hook and chains them to the ground. After that you will cope easily with them.
Together with the grappling hook you can defeat even without ammunition opponentsTogether with the grappling hook you can defeat even without ammunition opponents
  • The game has over 100 challenges ready for you. Have you mastered this, get their gears. With these you your weapons, vehicles and other things can upgrade.
  • You have an infinite amount C4 to disposal. This means that you do not have to deal with stingy explosions. You've unlocked a skill that you can simultaneously throw off instead of three C4 bombs to get rid of as many as four to one.
  • Tried a moor C4 to a goat and can surprise you what the game fun for you holds ready.
  • Over Mayhem Challenge must destroy it as many objects as possible and have little time for it. Seek out the first largest out and destroys them first.
  • Once you've unlocked a skill, you must still in the menu. Ye can also disable it and try experimenting a bit with the skills. An example of this is the ability that requires a grenade to explode longer. In some situations, this can be helpful.

Beginner's Guide for traveling

You can right at the beginning of Just Cause 3 fast travel, to explore the island. but it will cost you tokens. So Look first Medici, without using the fast travel option. Do you need tokens, you get them by the side missions in the game. But if you have freed a province, you can travel there for free. Did you also meet all 49 rebels shrines discovered you can quickly travel unlimited.

Destroyed statues and speakers to rid settlementsDestroyed statues and speakers to rid settlements

For more tips and tricks for beginners on transport:

  • Do you have freed a province, you are allowed a use Garage, to turn off your vehicle. Once they are parked there, you can deliver by rebels dropping to a place that you chooses before.
  • Not every vehicle can be stored in a garage. Often you have them on a army base, Unlock in a mission or using a capability.
  • You're looking for new, exciting vehicles? There is a skill, the displays you new car for your garage as the collection items. It starts to beep and a white bar will appear when you are nearby.
  • vehicle race bring you equipment for your vehicles such as nitro.
  • Near the unlocked garages diving often on vehicles that have guaranteed her not yet been activated. So stay around and wait.
  • Are you into water please and do not know where you find yourself, use your grappling hook and draws you a boat ran. That you may be more quickly on land.
  • In the second part of the Just Cause series, a player was accustomed to pull himself to a car by gripping hook. In the third part that could be fatal. For this reason, first you have the Slingsuit capability enable to experience the fun of part. 2

Tips for weapons and fighting

There are a lot of weapons that you in Rebels launched the rebels place. Take the time and looks at you closely. Before some missions, it is important to know which weapon is suitable for fighting. Also, you can get stuff using the challenges with which you can upgrade your weapons.

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Tips and tricks for combat in Just Cause 3:

  • you find yourself in the middle of a mission and you have run out of ammunition? uses the Grappling hook, around objects to pull opponents. Sometimes the enemy explodes due to the impact.
  • Has Rico taken in a fight too much damage, use the grappling hook and pulls you out of the affair, right up there with the health better again stands.
  • Do you want to destroy the statue of a province near the police with C4, lures a lot of police officers outside. So going on here carefully. but once you are there, you will find here a Variety of weapons and bombs for your stock.
  • Nervous you the sniper? Then it is better, equal to paralyze all the watchtower, when to make every single sniper.
  • Pays attention to explosive objects near the soldiers. It is worth more to apply fire here than killing each soldier individually. You should pay particular attention to the soldiers, I will call for the reinforcement. It should turn off their first.
  • Do you want to liberate a settlement, you've got to the main goal focus. Objects in the vicinity can you destroy behind still.
With the grappling hook it gets even helicopters from the skyWith the grappling hook it gets even helicopters from the sky

Respected her these tips and tricks, the entry into Just Cause 3 should not be too difficult. In another guide we have listed all of you success and achievements of the shooter.

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