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With Clash Royale, the latest strategy game from the house waiting "Supercell" for Android and iOS on you. Clash Royale brings the most popular elements of Clash of Clans and pairs them into a tower defense card game mix. So that you can be seen from the royal battles as the winner, you will find below the best tips and tricks for Clash Royale. In addition, learn what is the current status in Clash Royale cheats and hacks.

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96026Clash Royale is my League of Legends on the go

The gameplay of Clash Royale is easily explained. Your duel you with a compiled deck of cards online against other players. The aim is to capture the stronghold of the enemy and defeat the king.

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Clash Royale: Tips for starters

Anyone who has ever taken a look in League Of Legends, or other Moba, will get along in Clash Royale immediately.

  • On the sides of the card, the tower number of the player is.
  • The main tower is the "King's Tower". This is placed in the center of the pitch. If the tower, the game for the Player is lost.
  • The arena towers on the sides defend the base with ranged attacks.
  • The individual arenas differ only visually.
  • Building of new troops should be placed on adequate protection of possible behind the arena towers.
  • In the bottom of the screen you your deck look.



Clash Royale tips: gold, jewels, chests

Have you won a battle, you will be rewarded for your deck of cards with gold, jewels and new items. The three resources are needed to accommodate new struggles:

  • With gold you can buy new cards, to upgrade the existing deck and start multiplayer games.
  • Elixir is needed for actions of units and buildings in battle. In combat, the Elixir charges by itself.
  • Jewels are the premium currency in Clash Royale. Construction and waiting times it allows for shortening, open chests and expand gold reserves.


Many important bonuses and game items get her out of the chests and chests. Maximum find four chests in inventory space, so it is advisable to open the treasure chests regularly. In addition to the purchase by Jewels gets her free chests in Clash Royale, among others, the following ways:

  • Playing through the tutorial.
  • After a battle.
  • After a victory in a battle. Defeat her a stronger opponent, there is an additional bonus.
  • New arena.

There is a free chest every four hours. Furthermore, waving a free daily Chest bonus when you reach a score of at least 10th

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Clash Royale: Tips and Tricks for the attack

That you survived the multiplayer battles, you should lay out some tactics you:

  • Charges not already at the beginning blindly into the fight, but waits quietly to see how your opponent sets up his units.
  • then reacted with the appropriate card to its lineup.
  • Pay attention when using the cards mainly due to the special abilities of the units.
  • Strong one-man opponents can z. B. with a bunch of smaller, faster troops are employed, while the use of air units especially serving when the opponent can not carry out air strikes.
  • Large, sluggish and slow but strong units should be placed far back in the battlefield. Passed the giant bridge to the opponent's side, you can rely on sufficient accordingly Elixir. Supports the giant with the rest of your troops. Archers and other ranged DPS should be placed behind the tank.

Clash Royale: Best cards optimal deck

So you can fight the enemy towers in the strategy game, you need a good deck of cards next to a sophisticated tactics. The first point to say that there is not a "perfect" card deck. The choice of the cards depends on the way you go into the fight and what tactics you choose, from. However, one should note some tips and pointers to the decks in Clash Royale:

  • Watch for it to have a balanced mix of different units on hand to stand helpless not an enemy tactics towards.
  • It is ideal if you both fast units have on hand, which also can hold their own against air attack is.
  • A tank that can result in serious attacks on themselves, is recommended.
  • In addition, you should at all aggressiveness on the defensive not ignore and z. take as defensive towers to the deck.

What cards are the best representatives in the deck for you? Post your advice in our comments.

Clash Royale: Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Of course, the best tactic is useless if you have the wrong cards in hand. Observed in the compilation of the deck, therefore the following:

  • A healthy mix of different elements is the key to success.
  • Watch for it to have at least a spell in the inventory.
  • In addition, one should take a giant in the battle, the flight units and rangers such. B. Archer, is accompanied.


Clash Royale cheats and hacks

Anyone who wants to help out his success a little and intends to invest primarily not real money, the question arises whether there is in Clash Royale cheats. The game app is available for free in the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. The development will be refinanced including through in-app purchases for new jewels. A Clash-Royale-Cheat for free Jewels therefore do not exist. In many places on the net to find alleged Clash Royale hacks. However, this is usually fraudulent offers that want to lure you into an expensive subscription trap. Before using such hacks is therefore in sight. Also, when in fact it should be a working hack for free jewelry or other items in Clash Royale, there is in use, a violation of the Terms of Use of the app, which can lead to a loss of their own saved game.

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