Delete Account and down from the smartphone – is that possible?

In many users to delete their account if they do not get tired of the social media music app for iPhone and Android smartphones. But how does that work exactly? And where are the settings to clear the account? In our article you will find the answers.

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36767What's is the latest social media app, which is currently experiencing a massive hype. With the app you can post short clips and present this with (own or predefined) music or movie quotes. Especially among young people Musically at the moment is extremely in &# 8211; who still tired tried to delete their own account &# 8211; and will find that it did not work so easy. Where exactly are the settings to delete the account? And what you have to do this exactly? We clarify.

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Delete account: Is that even possible?

An account in to create, is known to be a problem: either the e-mail address are one or linked easy with Facebook or Twitter. It will be exciting if you want to delete the account: In the personal user profile the app the option and in the settings one looks in vain for a way missing. Many users are wondering why: &# 8220; How do I actually delete my account?&# 8221;

The answer is relatively simple: It does not work. At the moment there delete your own account no way. The developer of the app to write to the support page on the subject:

We are in the process of adding a feature did Allows users to delete Their accounts. Please stay tuned and continue to check upcoming versions of the app for this feature. Take note: you'll need to remember your username and password to log in to your account and delete it!

In German: Man, was just about to add a feature that allows users to delete their accounts with You've got to wait a little longer and wait for the next update. In addition, you must also have your login information in order to delete the account permanently.

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Delete account: This you can do

Completely erase, you therefore can not the account currently. Yet there is one thing that you can do if you do not want that other users have access to your profile: Changes simply the privacy settings. so goes&# 8217; s:

musically settingsChange the privacy settings to prevent all users to have access to your musicals.
  1. Open the app and navigate to your profile (head icon in the lower right bar).
  2. then opens the settings (gear icon on the top right).
  3. Now scrolls down to her private account option see &# 8211; taps it once and activates the setting.


That was&# 8217; s: Immediately only people to whom it is specifically authorized, see your musicals can. For safety, you can also activate hide the setting location info &# 8211; therefore your location will be hidden, and other people can not see where you find yourself.

Once there is a real option to delete the account, we will inform you at this point, of course, about it. Uses her dear Snapchat, we show you elsewhere also, as you create a Snapchat- Story, edit, and can delete the history.

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