JD: automatically fill Captcha

The JD is the simple but ingenious solution for automated download operations. The value written in Java Download Manager works thereby automatically through the websites of providers, mostly sharehosters, and then starts the download. Also bypasses JD Captcha queries. And so the automatic detection works.

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The core function of jDownloaders are special scripts that allow the software to deal with Web pages. Here, the jDownloader scans the respective sites to find download links, and also automatically fills Captcha-made for inquiries.

jDownloader Captcha: How the automatic scanning

A Facebook Captcha: Easy to read and also as an audio CAPTCHA availableSince the jDownloader is actually designed primarily to the databases of sharehosters that use usually easily Captcha formats, the download manager can answer by scanning the correct queries, and therefore will start the download of the data packet.

If, however, triggered a website with help from jDownloader which has a Captcha query of Google's reCaptcha, then the jDownloader can not handle automates this query. Hobbyists meanwhile working on an update that will resolve this issue. Due to the increasingly frequent failures to such queries, the jDownloader spelling also answer manually to let.

configure jDownloader Captcha recognition

To adjust the automatic Captcha recognition in jDownloader and configure because all captchas can not edit the tool simple, you have to sometimes lend a hand:

  • Make your way under the jDownloader modules
  • Selects here JAntiCaptcha and goes into the setting View threshold
  • Sets the value for the display threshold between 50 and 100 so that their spelling just gets displayed when jDownloader is not sure if it can automatically fill in the Captcha

More results in spelling by plugins

With additional plug-ins for your browser you can also increase the accuracy of jDownloaders when it comes to the automatic filling in captchas.

  • Rumola
  • CaptchaSniper
  • CaptchaBreaker

JD Captcha: Why reCaptcha is not automatically detected

Captcha services are intended to ensure that a search on the Internet is actually made by a person and is not made by an automated bot. In JD Captcha-is automated queries that a person may be near.

Google's reCAPTCHA consists of randomly assembled scrapsBecause reCaptcha is a service by Google and is simultaneously used for digitizing books and magazines, an automated bypass the spelling is not readily possible. from randomly generated digitized manuscripts, whose origin can not restrict or derive even Google make queries. For this reason, it is not yet possible, these Spelling with JDownloader to get around.

Spelling usually consist of a series of two apparently randomly assembled scraps.



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