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If you've ever forgotten your email password, but uses the e-mail client Thunderbird, this is no problem. In Thunderbird you can read you the saved passwords and display. As show how you come to your forgotten passwords.

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In Thunderbird you let you show your passwords for your e-mail accounts through the settings. If you forget your passwords, because they are too difficult, you should choose it but not simpler. Because there are tips to remember complicated and secure passwords.

In Thunderbird you can read you saved passwords and display.In Thunderbird you can read you saved passwords and display.

Thunderbird: read and displayed in the settings can be password

Thunderbird stores typed passwords. To read forgotten Thunderbird passwords, making her the following:

  1. Opens Thunderbird and presses the Alt key to display the menu bar.
  2. Selects the Tools menu, and click under Settings.
  3. Click above in the new window, click the Security tab.
  4. Selects the tab passwords under the Security tab then.
  5. Right click on the button Saved Passwords&# 8230; ,
  6. In the window Stored passwords then you click on the bottom right on the button passwords.
  7. Confirmed the message with Yes.

Thunderbird will now display in the right column saved passwords for your e-mail accounts.

Thunderbird will show you all of your saved passwords e-mail accounts.

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Thunderbird: Password read in furnished master password

If you have set a master password in Thunderbird, you asks Thunderbird after this, when you click the button Saved Passwords&# 8230; clicks. It protects your saved passwords, private keys and other private data. Only after entering the master password of your other passwords are displayed.

If you have forgotten your master password, there is to get, which are protected by the master password is no way to your passwords, according to Mozilla. It can only be reset - therefore remove from Thunderbird. In the process but all saved passwords will be deleted after the master password.

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