listen radio plays for free: The 5 best sources of Thriller, TKKG, series and more

The Web is a treasure trove of free radio plays: Recently, we introduced a top list of sites where you can download audio books for free. Now we push the best sources of legal radio play streams by &# 8211; from the popular children's series to adult stuff. Those who prefer downloading may currently at a subscription to Audible trial month any radio play for free *listen radio plays for free: The 5 best sources of Thriller, TKKG, series and more choose from the entire range.

listen radio plays for free: The 5 best sources of Thriller, TKKG, series and more

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7 selected free radio plays, are really worth it

1. YouTube

youtubeOne of the most effective ways to listen radio plays for free to, is still YouTube. Here you will find quite a bit, even out of print series that have been uploaded by amateurs. So just there once &# 8220; hörspiel completely&# 8221; Enter in the search, and browse to your heart's content. From almost all genres and for all ages what is.

2. Simfy

simfyThe legal streaming service Simfy that can be in contrast to services such as Spotify and Rdio used also in browser (albeit limited to 20 hours / month, with e-mail application), has some radio plays in the collection. There are no convenient category search, however, because you have to know which series / story you are looking for and are lucky basically. For example TKKG are represented by episodes, various fairy tales and classic radio plays, Karl May, and more.

3. Free Hö

radio plays for freeIf you prefer something a selection of legal streams, then look no further free Hö The directory in addition Downloads also has its own radio play-stream section, which then forwards them to the respective hosting (including often Simfy). Single Bee-Maja and Scotland Yard consequences are listed, Vicky, Urmel, Pippi Longstocking and Michael Ende.


Radio drama projectThe community for radio playwrights can not only refer to many participants and fans, it not only lists various professional productions for free download, but also has a YouTube channel where you can listen to their radio plays for free &# 8211; of watching the million views has broken. From crime to science fiction, fairy tales and children's plays, thrillers to humor.

5. Spotify

spotifyThe free music streaming service Spotify is finally available in Germany, and who takes the trouble to download the desktop program and to log in with his Facebook account (otherwise it is not), found after a search &# 8220; radioplay&# 8221; several hundred radio plays, by Jim Knopf on SWR radio to the Little Prince, Adventure, Barbie, Pinocchio, Sindbad&# 8230; and also the legendary Helge Schneider radio plays.

So far our favorite list, additions welcome. What are your favorite websites and portals where you can listen to radio plays for free?


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