Tolino: perform reset – how it works

If your Tolino suspended or makes other problems usually helps a reset. We show you how.

Is the display of Tolino frozen or device dependent, you do not have the same reset the Tolino. Often, a simple restart can help:

Tolino: Restart if it hangs

  1. the power button for 6 seconds hold down long.
  2. Then you turn the Tolino again.

If there are still problems, it resets the device.

Tip: Tolino Shine in the test

Perform reset: Tolino

The reset button is located next to the micro-USB connector into the small hole. When Tolino Shine it sits under the flap at the current port.

Here you can find the reset lock in Tolino. Source: mytolino.deHere you can find the reset lock in Tolino. Source:
  1. Turn onto a paper clip and pushes the button in the hole until the Reader turns off.
  2. The Tolino will restart automatically.

Hard Reset Perform

If all else fails, you can restore the factory settings to Tolino. The whole is also called hard reset. But while all your data will be deleted:

  1. the power button for 10 seconds hold down long. After that, you should see the Reboot screen.
  2. To start the recovery mode, you press the power button for a moment.
  3. Selects the menu using the volume up and down buttons to select Wipe Data / Factory Reset out.
  4. now confirmed twice with the power button.
  5. selects thereafter reboot system now, around the Tolino restart.


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