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Instagram Repost the way to publish pictures of other users again, without violating the copyright of the photographer calls. If you like a picture on Instagram and you do want to necessarily share with your followers, you are open to different possibilities. We show how the Instagram Repost works.

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Instagram is by far the most popular photo network in the world. Users can find thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of exciting end and beautiful photos and even if one does not photograph itself, it's fun just to browse and to look for interesting pictures. From time to time you will find it real gems &# 8211; because it would be great if you just can share with other Instagram users this. In the past it was not so simple, since then, there are some well functioning ways to share pictures on Instagram.

Instagram Repost: republish With App Images

The most convenient way to images on Instagram reissue (repost) is the free app Repost for Instagram, which is available for both Android and iOS available and is very easy to use.

Repost for InstagramdownloadQR codeRepost for InstagramDeveloper: Red CactusPrice: Free Repost for InstagramdownloadQR codeRepost for InstagramDeveloper: Red Cactus LLC *Price: Free

So the reposting works on Instagram:

  1. Invite you the app downloads and installs them on your smartphone.
  2. Opens repost and logs you a with your Instagram credentials.
  3. Navigate through your feed until you find a photo that you want to share it.
  4. Taps repost to send back and re-release the photo to your normal Instagram account.
Instgram Repost AppThe app Instgram repost their images can share a few moments with other users.Start Photogallery(7 pictures)Delete Instagram account - frame by frame

Embed Instagram photos

to publish another way Instagram photos, runs through the embedding function (Embed). So can you photos of Instagram on other websites (for example, your blog) publish without violating the copyrights. Here's how it works:

    1. Opens Instagram in your web browser and searches you out the photo that want to embed it.
    2. Now click the bottom right of the line with three horizontal dots.
    3. In the new menu you click on Embedding.
    4. Click on the button then copy the embed code to copy the HTML code into the buffer.
    5. Now you add the copied code in your website by copy-paste.
    6. Since the code in HTML, may involve creating change in your website first in the HTML view.
Embed Instagram PhotoYou can also copy the HTML code and then embed elsewhere photos in Instagram.

The result looks something like this:

I&# 8217; ve seen this view in quite a few Instagram photos. Every photo I&# 8217; ve seen is beautiful in its own way. But none of them prepared me for the true scale and complexity of this scene. When we finally arrived and I got to see this landscape with my own eyes for the first time, I was blown away. That Seems to be a common theme with Oregon! Naturally, we had to see it under sunset light What a humbling and memorable evening with friends. What a life.

A Sage Stephens (@storyofsage) gepostetes photo on January 11, 2017 at 19:41

Is the repost allowed on Instagram?

With the above methods, the republication of Instagram images is not a problem as it thus respects copyrights. The original poster of the image is explicitly mentioned, also you embed the original image only &# 8211; therefore there is no legal problems. It becomes more problematic if their images easily copied, for example, via screen capture tool and then just re-released at a different location. In this case, you can be prosecuted and sentenced to a heavy fine (apart from the fact that your Instagram account will probably blocked) for infringement of copyright.


After all, but it is possible now to make within the Instagram app a screenshot of a self-created image and send this photo to other people. Read to our guide: Instagram screenshot &# 8211; Who really sees the notification? Elsewhere, we show you what you can do when your Instagram account has been hacked.


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