Werfault.exe – error or normal Windows process?

The Werfault.exe file is a file that appears in Windows. We tell you the following guide if you need to make you worry when you see the message in the Task Manager and what the file at all hires on your computer.

Werfault.exe - error or normal Windows process?

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The Werfault.exe file is an executable file on Windows. They do not tell you about who the last international game who has committed most fouls, but is an important part of the operating system. There can be problems with this file as well. The 10 most common mistakes in Windows 10, we present in another article.

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Werfault.exe - the file will be used

Basically: The file is a useful and necessary file that you should not remove - you may actually be the case that can occur especially problems with the operating system by removing the file. The file is responsible to send error reports to Microsoft, which is also the name explain: Fault can be translated as mistake. The file should thus actually be dangerous. However, the file may from time to time also a problem if, for example, they of Malware was seized. You should be in the normal case in the following folder:

  • C: \ Windows \ System 32
WerfaultLike what, werfault? Often, a process is simply overloaded. © Shutterstock.com

Werfault error - Application Error and error messages

Problems with the file can occur when a process is overloaded or was attacked by a malicious program. To find out why an error is displayed you, you can proceed in several ways:

1. SFC scan

With the SFC (System File Checker) can check it, whether malicious programs are on your PC. We tell you in another text, how can you repair 10 with SFC Windows.

werfault-2If all else fails, just beat it. Problems with Werfault.exe should leave but also be solved easier. In addition, of course, we do not support violence against computer. © Pathdoc

2. Memory Diagnostic Tool

With the Memory Diagnostic Tool can you correct this error also. This opens normally even if their are problems with random access memory gives. So you can do it automatically:

  • Click on "Start" and select "Control Panel."
  • Give the search box "memory" and click on "memory problems of the computer diagnose".
  • Well may you have your Administrator password Enter and you can select next, when the operation is to be performed because a restart is required.

3. Disable Werfault

If the error is still displayed to you, even if their is no malware on the computer, you can watch the alerts for a mistake simply off. This is especially recommended if the message is triggered by an overload of the system:

werfaultHere you can disable error reporting by Werfault.
  • Pressing the Windows key and "R" simultaneously.
  • Type in "services.msc" and press enter.
  • Searches the list for "Windows Error Reporting Service".
  • Right-click on the entry and opens the "Properties".
  • Change the startup type from "Manual" to "Disabled" and click "OK".

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