Pokemon X / Y: delete and recreate Score

With Pokemon X and Y Nintendo is attempting to emphasize the groundbreaking success of the original Pokemon series on the Game Boy. Have you selected at the beginning of a false Pokemon, you are not satisfied with the performance or want to start from scratch again, you must first delete an old Pokemon X / Y Score. But how can you remove it and start the game?

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The function to delete a saved game is in fact well hidden by the developers. In the following guide you will find a description of how you can create a new save game in Pokemon for the Nintendo 3DS.

Clear Score in Pokemon X / Y: How To

Launches the Nintendo 3DS, including game and waiting until the main screen of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y can be seen on the screen. Now simultaneously presses the "High", "B" and key "X". Now you are in the savegame management and can an existing Delete Pokemon X / Y Score. At the same time you can now create a new savegame and around Pikachu and Co. start again the adventure.

  1. Nintendo 3DS launch
  2. start Pokemon X or Y Pokemon
  3. , Can be seen until the main screen waiting
  4. button on the main screen, the "Up", "B" and "Y" simultaneously
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So you can delete a saved game in Pokemon X / Y

In the main screen, the screen is meant are on which Xerneas or Yveltal to see. Shortly after release, some players reported a bug in Pokemon X / Y Pokemon, which was no longer possible after saving to load the existing game and continue. This occurred especially when you have saved in Lumiose City near a taxi. After trying the game to load, the screen freezt. To prevent the bug occurs when you should update regularly their Pokemon on Nintendo 3DS. If a savegame still impossible to download it, you also have to delete the score after the above instructions.

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