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Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge): The 55 best tips & tricks

Frank Ritteron 07/09/2015 at 13:00

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge are officially commercially since April 2015 and are selling like hot cakes. We have spent some time with Samsung's new flagship and offer you a comprehensive compendium of tips and tricks for the two devices, with practical help and numerous hidden features here - for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and its sister device Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in high-performance smart phones that have some feature tricks up his sleeve. but not all of these functions reveals itself immediately. Those who want to get the most out of his new Samsung smartphone, must be either for weeks to deal with the device - or simply can rummage through our huge collection of the 55 best tips for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

By the way: Most tips and tricks for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, which we have prepared in this collection are based on Samsung's TouchWiz interface. So that many can also be used on other devices, the Galaxy series, whether younger or older. When in doubt, trying to help.

Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge) -Tips: Contents

Setup and customization

  • transfer data from the old device to the Galaxy S6
  • Turn off Flipboard Briefing on the home screen
  • create app folders
  • Customize shortcuts in Settings
  • Edit quick settings, disable buttons
  • Customize Home Screen grid
  • Adjust the volume with Adapt sound to your own listening habits
  • use equalizer effects
  • Stop annoying sounds

system and safety

  • improve wireless performance over secret system menu
  • identify system information quickly
  • Enable realistic Color on display
  • beautify your home screen with themes
  • let users information on the lock screen show
  • Encrypting File System
  • Fix app screen
  • reach notification bar from Full-Screen Apps
  • Quick access to key settings
  • Quickly connect to other devices via Quick Connect
  • Enable developer options and make interesting settings
  • Connecting the peripherals and external memory


  • More recent weather on your home screen
  • Font size and layout change in the SMS app
  • Call contacts quickly and send SMS from the Contacts app
  • More clarity in the contacts
  • Calculator with scientific functions
  • Equalizer in audio apps
  • use Google's cloud storage in the file manager
  • Zooming in the video player
  • free video zoom pop-up play window

Camera and Gallery

  • Camera fast start by home button
  • Professional controls for the camera app
  • absorb more liquid or higher-resolution video
  • adjust photo brightness quickly
  • Selfie trigger easier
  • change images size in the gallery
  • Gallery-view events, and other criteria


  • accelerate downloads
  • Wiping mode in the keyboard app
  • Multitasking via Split View
  • Apps open in windowed mode and disable function
  • Muting the device timed
  • larger screen display black and white or invert
  • display at night time at S6 edge-side screen
  • use keyboard shortcuts
  • Customize Keyboard Size
  • use spell check properly
  • Galaxy S6 (EDGE) with secure KNOX
  • use movements and gestures
  • Notifications of important contacts via Galaxy S6 Seitbildschirm

save battery

  • Battery save unneeded by disabling Apps
  • use energy-saving modes
  • turn down screen brightness


  • use GalaxyGifts and other free goodies
  • Conclusion

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