Shpock experience: Advantages and disadvantages of the flea market app

With the Shpock app you can just whip out your smartphone or tablet, take a picture and clothes, bicycles, household items and other things to sell in a few clicks. So it saves you the way and the registration fees for the flea market near you. But what do the Shpock-user experience? What advantages and disadvantages outweigh Shpock is reputable and have the app flea market test?

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Is it worth Shpock? The wonder not only owners of collections of all types and owners of duplicate gifts. Is something too good to throw it out, there are numerous websites and selling apps. The eBay Alternative Shpock is perhaps still known to many by the TV commercial that shows how easy can you sell used things with Shpock:

14010Shpock - The Flomarkt App

Shpock experience: these are the advantages

Looking for bargains and second-hand deals can help, and you can even negotiate the prices you Shpock. But is it worth Shpock and what are the benefits of the app? We show you here what the pros are:

Shpock flea market & amp; Classifieds. Sell ​​buydownloadQR codeShpock flea market & Classifieds. Sell ​​buyDeveloper: FinderlyPrice: Free Shpock flea market classifiedsdownloadQR codeShpock flea market classifiedsDeveloper: finderly *Price: Free

  • At a glance: You can find products that have offered in your area. It starts with bargains offered within one kilometer. the radius is the more you scroll, the greater.
  • Easy to use: The app is self-explanatory. Do you like a product, you just click on the picture and very brief description and a map of where the product is located.
  • CategoriesIf you top &Discover; # 8220&# 8221; click to open a menu where you can choose from various categories such as electronics, fashion and others. However, you can also &# 8220; New near you&# 8221; Set to see what new offers have been added or &# 8220; Young Designer&# 8221; -pieces grab and hand crafted. Under &# 8220; to give away&# 8221; be found free products.
  • Is Shpock safe and reputable ?: The account of buyers and sellers must be verified as with other reputable portals via email or SMS.
  • There is a practical Share feature for Facebook, WhatsApp and Co., with which you have to create your offers not separately in these places or you can share deals with friends found.
  • Shpock is free: There are, as opposed to eBay at no charge, if you want to sell something or are already successfully got rid of. However, their extra features can purchase via in-app purchase. These include the expansion of the search Agent to you as soon as there are new offers your desired treasures or a VIP tag your ad.
  • you like an offer of a Shpock-user, you can click on his picture and see a Track of things that are sold by that person on Shpock as well as the ratings on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Many sellers offer that you can, for example, try on clothes on site and so see if you the &# 8220; new old&# 8221; Shoes fit.
shpock appWith Shpock you can browse for offers on the iPad.

Shpock experience: The disadvantages at a glance

There are to report not only positive about Shpock. Apart from the intuitive some things for some users könnnen be quite annoying. We have summarized the negative points for you:

  • safetyHave ye you decided on an offer, which is a few hundred kilometers away, you should be careful &# 8211; Cash on delivery is still the most reliable way to get his bargain really.
  • It is visible to any potential buyer, what sells her everything and in which area it sells these items.
  • A delete display has been difficult, now you can delete it and must choose a reason. Alternatively you can also specify that you sold it elsewhere.
  • Also delete your own Shpock account, is more awkward and works through mail contact for Shpock support.
  • The app is Shpock not ad-free. Between offers private seller commercial offers and advertising banners are scattered - but these are clearly marked.

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Shpock Rating: Conclusion in the flea market test

The eBay competitor may be especially useful for buyers who can search for specific items in the immediate area and so may remain even time to pick the desired deal after work or school hours straight. Thus saving you time. As a seller, you can share your offers directly on Facebook, but the sale can be a little more difficult solely on Shpock, especially if you do not live in a big city and potential buyers live farther away. Moreover Shpock has still not as high profile as eBay Classifieds and low quotes for your own articles can annoy.

shpock-logobut some criticisms are not the app itself to blame: delays in responses to questions about products or - on the other side - constant price pressures and annoying demands.

In terms of safety, you should not completely naive approach to the matter: As on other portals you can go into the trap even at Shpock fraudsters. Hence their valuable items'd better pick them up and test or pay with PayPal. Often ask buyers where they can pick up the goods when - be careful and asks him or her to purchase by clicking on. Then your conversation for other Shpock users is no longer readable.



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