Java Runtime Environment (64-bit) Download

The Java Runtime Environment (64 bit) download you get the basic equipment of every PC to run Java applications on the computer as well as Java applets in the browser here for 64-bit operating systems.

Who does not think of an Indonesian island in the name Java, probably has the programming or software engineering Java from Sun Microsystems (Oracle since 2010) in the head. The Java Runtime Environment (Java Runtime Environment) now belongs to the mandatory software on any home computer. Java 64bit you get the opportunity, programs written in Java to run on your 64-bit operating system.

Java 64bit: Runs on any system

The philosophy behind Java wants to make all written in the programming language software applications on any platform and on any operating system capable of running. This claim is, you look at the differences between the systems, ambitious and therefore not easy to meet. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a runtime environment for each system. So it is possible that the program written in the Java code will not be translated directly into machine code, but a byte code that is processed by the runtime environment.

The advantage of this approach lies in the fact that program developers do not have to worry about the system, to be run on which their program. Programmers write the program once, the Java Runtime Environment will take care of the correct execution on that system.product-development-using-java

The downside thereto, for example, that users of 64-bit operating system will need to download the Java Runtime Environment 64-bit before they can run the program. Therefore, this means extra work for the user.

Java Runtime Environment 64bit &# 8211; Java is everywhere in everyday life

Yet trust over 9 million developers programming with Java, making Java so that the largest and most active developer community in the world. This is not only because of the fast learning curve of Java, but also platform portability, and security that provides the Java Runtime Environment. Because by the completed runtime, a Java program is always executed in a level of abstraction higher and is therefore one step further away from the operating system. Errors in the program code itself can hereby be harder exploited by malware developers.

Even in everyday life is overflowing with Java applications. So use exception, all Blu-ray Player Java technologies. Most smartphone apps are written in Java and most home phones rely on written in Java programs.

Web 2.0 also use many websites Java services for server-side applications for online forums, polls and online shops. Whether in print, in Webcams in navigation systems or ticket machines, Java is found almost everywhere.

By downloading the Java Runtime Environment 64-bit you will also receive in addition to the core classes of the Java platform and the Java libraries, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in which all Java programs are run. The code executed in this virtual machine is guaranteed to be safe terminated and can not access any memory areas that have not been reserved for the JVM. Access to critical system memory is not possible.

Java Runtime Environment 64bit &# 8211; include browser plug-in download and Updater

Along with the Java Runtime Environment 64bit comes the Java plug-in software that lets you run Java code in the web browser. One is therefore equipped for current web technologies.

In the Java Runtime Environment 64-bit download is also the Java Updater contain. This process (jucheck.exe) checked when the Internet connection if new updates of the installed Java version are available. The updater then downloads them well and installs them. Is a new version available, a tooltip appears in the lower right of the screen. Clicking this starts the download and then install the update. To keep the Java version is always up to date, this process should be kept active.

The Java Runtime Environment 64bit only runs on 64-bit operating systems. Whether you have a 64-bit system, you can find with the following steps: Open the Start menu and click the right mouse button on &Computer; # 8220&# 8221 ;. In the opening menu you choose &# 8220; properties&# 8221 ;. In the area &System; # 8220&# 8221; will you now under the entry &System type; # 8220&# 8221; the information on your 32- or 64-bit system.

The Java Runtime Environment for 32 bit systems found at the previous link.

  • Allows you to run Java programs
  • Common security issues


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