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For a long time Mark Zuckerberg and Co. have been reluctant, but now it finally seems to be reality. Already more than two years, Zuckerberg and his team sat in a Q&in which they responded Plans for a Dislike button A Round. Now the plans appear to be concrete. After years of demands of the community to be working on a sort of "do not like" feature for Facebook.

Facebook Dislike Button:

There were repeated under sad news and status messages of complaints from Facebook users as soon as the first "Like" indications were visible beneath the post. This is usually though not actual "Like" -Bekundungen to tragic events, but a kind of virtual participation, yet the "Like" button does not always fit the context of the messages displayed. With the &Reaction; # 8220&# 8221; -Buttons got users in early 2016 a new way to express feelings on a post. A Dislike button was then not yet been introduced, but that could soon change &# 8211; even if at first only in the Messenger app.

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Facebook Dislike Button: "I do not like" function is tested

Of the &# 8220; Thumb Down&# 8221; is first thoroughly tested only by a small group of users in practice before it could "do not like" function be an official launch of. The function will be available in response to messages in Messenger.

facebook messenger dislikeScreenshot: TechCrunch

a Dislike button has been discussed for some time, however, a corresponding function has not yet been implemented. They wanted to prevent posts similar to YouTube can be evaluated so far. A resulting negative sentiment should be so kept out of the social network. Even in the case of the new buttons, which is provided with a thumbs down, it should not be a &# 8220;dislike&# 8221; option in the true sense, but a Emoji as an expression of a &# 8220; No&# 8221; act. In the foreground, stands thus to speed up the planning and communication in the Messenger, but not to spread negative moods. When the button will be available for all users is unknown.

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Facebook wants to "Unlike" Insert button

facebook-dislike-buttonStill, the feature has not been officially presented, or even introduced. On the web can be found at various locations alleged add-ons that you "Like not" want to supply button in Facebook one. However, this is by no trustworthy and workable solutions that are visible to all users. Instead, cybercriminals make the demand for the Dislike function advantage and hide behind alleged "Unlike" button viruses and Trojans or run you when you try to install into a phishing trap. If the function to be officially introduced, we will inform you about the implementation is yet to start soon. We show you also how to detect viruses on Facebook and what is behind the alleged function. over which one can see the profile of visitors to the social network.

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