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AdBlock Plus is the ad blocker most widely used browser, for some time it exists now available for Google Chrome, where he as usual block intrusive advertising.

Who does not know it? It has been fast internet and still need some Internet sites for a long time until they are finished loading. Internet users is often unclear why that is, while it is obvious: the advertising is to blame. Be it normal banners, pop-ups or videos. Advertising content are usually a larger charging effort, as the actual content of the website. Against this problem and to websites can shine with clarity again, there are ad blockers. AdBlock Plus is the most widely used, now it is also available in German for the Google Chrome browser.

1386Introduction to AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome: Unbelievably simple operation

Ad Blocking works very simple and self-explanatory. The contents that do not want to see you as a user are blocked with various filter lists (blacklists). For German sites, there is a list that you can easily subscribe. All advertising types stored in this list are the future of ad blocking AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome blocked. This includes published videos, pop-ups, banners, advertorials and the like. but AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome blocks not only advertising content but can, if necessary, objects such as graphics or videos that belong to the content hide. To the respective object can be easily checked, the browser add-on will remember the object and blocks it from then on.

AdBlock Plus for Chrome blocks:

  • banners
  • Commercials in YouTube videos
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Pop-ups

AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome Options

Note: The linked here ad blocker AdBlock Plus is an extension for Google Chrome. Who does not use Chrome, alternatively, install AdBlock for Internet Explorer or the add-on for the Firefox download.

Individualization through filters in AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome

The subscription lists are regularly updated in the ad blocker. However, you can also set exceptions and filter. If you visited pages on which you want to not block the ads, you can easily do this set. On the supply side also tips are given on how you can best adjust advertising filter in order to enjoy an ad free as possible Internet. It also shows what mistakes you can make it. Filter lists can be downloaded on the manufacturing side, but that goes directly through the AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome download.

  • Effective Blocking ads
  • Own filters set
  • No

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