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The question may seem trivial at first hearing, but who has not just happened creates a new graphics card, which is also can not answer off the cuff, which BIOS version which technology and which device has its ID graphics card. We will answer you which graphics card I have actually this question in our special? 2 ways to answer.

17283What graphics card do I have?

What graphics card did I?

There are two different ways you can find out which graphics card you actually installed in your PC it: the way through the Control Panel and the way of additional software. We show you how you can try it both ways and as much information about your built-in graphics card will receive as you need.

It is completely irrelevant which operating system you have installed it, our paths work in both Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 and even Windows 10. Just the way into the system controller can vary slightly.

Video card determine through the Control Panel

To get a quick glimpse of your built-in graphics card via the Control Panel, you follow our instructions at lightning speed and can already catch a glimpse of some data:

  • Climb to the Control Panel (Control Panel > system and safety > System)
  • Now open the Device Manager
    • Attention: Here you need administrator rights to make changes
  • Now open the tab graphics card and already much you which graphics card you havedevice manager windows 7

A double or right click it enters the properties and can see whether the hardware is working properly, which driver is installed and who the manufacturer of your graphics card.

Graphics card to find out about the software

gpu-zDo you want to find out more information about your graphics card, we recommend the free tool GPU-Z. Who has taken already once with CPU-Z its processor under the microscope, will appreciate the quality of W1zzard.


GPU-Z takes your graphics card haarklein apart and gives you clear on what chipset, memory, DirectX version, technology and number of shader uses the card.

Although GPU-Z is still in the development stage, but the details of the analysis are very accurate.

GPU-Z is determined, among other things, the following values ​​of your graphics card:

  • Name and series
  • Release date
  • BIOS version
  • Device ID
  • Driver version
  • shader
  • DirectX Support
  • Memory type and size