Google competition in the reward center: Fake or serious?

For some time appears several German websites and news portals on a strange pop-up. The "Google Rewards Center" shares one with that one was selected for a competition and must answer three questions - then you could win some great prizes. Is that true or is it a scam?

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As you surf unsuspectingly with his iPhone through the Internet and want to find out more about the best new webcams and suddenly actually: Suddenly pops an advertising window aund and blocked the entire screen of the iPhone. Supposedly was selected as the loyal users of Google and will receive a reward for many years of use.

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Google lottery: Rewards Center for loyal users

The notification from the "Google Rewards Center" states that 10 random visitors were selected and now have the opportunity to receive a free gift from the online giants. This is the kind of Google to say thank you, because you had such a loyal user of the search engine.

Prices are current tech gadgets such as iPhones, tablets, game consoles or Android smartphones &# 8211; was only condition is that you still must answer three simple questions in order to participate in the competition. Below also a timer is displayed to illustrate yet again how much time is pressing.

iPhone Rewards CenterGoogle Rewards Center promises you current technology gadgets such as iPhone or Playstation


This is behind the Google competition

The questions are a few simple questions about Google: When the company was founded, who is the founder and so on. In principle, it does not matter if you answer the questions correctly or incorrectly, as it is passed in any case to another website. Here you shall then enter your e-mail address in order to register for the possible gain. A look at the imprint of the website reveals who is behind the Rewards Center: Do not Google but the toleadoo GmbH an operator of several lottery portals, including the well-known website is repeated negative attention in the past and has already succeeded targeted by consumer advocates - the company is known for sweepstakes where users complete inadvertently paid subscriptions because they have not read the fine print. Legally, it is difficult to take action against such subscription traps, as in the small print providers point to the costs incurred. Nevertheless, it is of course not legitimate business practice.

The best smartphone gets her here without dubious sweepstakes at premium prices:

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What happens to the data?

In the alleged Google lottery you should specify no means your e-mail address, as it is then resold to proceed. This is a very popular trick of data collectors to come to the addresses of consumers and to generate so-called leads. After cold calling your data you will receive a high probability of unwanted advertisements and spam to your mailbox.

Generally, it is advisable not to disclose never easy as personal data. It is difficult or almost impossible to understand what happens to it then - it is also conceivable that the data arrive at the end with criminals might be able to even get to passwords in this way. Winning can be anything from experience with such offers, it simply these are loss leaders who deceive you to disclose sensitive information.


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