make PC faster: Computer too slow? Optimization of speed

Your PC is incredibly slow? We show you the means by which you can make the computer faster again and really bring something what opportunities for optimization.

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Your computer is too slow? It kanns are

the PC is running for years, there are many programs installed and saved files on the hard disk, it happens almost certainly: The PC is getting slower, the work is not fun and more time consuming. It is time to set to work to make your own computer again light a fire under him and to speed optimizations and upgrades.

We'll tell you who really bring the measures a speed boost and what you can safely leave or should refrain from even because you can additionally slow down your computer even.

Computer speed: Some basic tips

Heeded her these basic principles, you can limit the loss in speed from the beginning and make the computer also afterwards again a bit faster.

Full disk = slow PC

  • Ensures that your hard disk is not full. Click looks at you on the job and if you still have disk space available. A through full disk brakes the PC unnecessary. pc-making faster-
  • Are on your hard drive only a few gigabytes (GB) free and the bar is perhaps no longer blue, but red, it is time to delete unnecessary data from the hard disk.
  • To delete unnecessary data, you can uninstall that you do not need, for example programs.
  • Opens to the Control Panel and then click Uninstall a program and selects the programs to be removed.pc-programs-uninstall
  • In addition, you can search the hard disk for files that you no longer needed. My Documents be found normally in your personal folder. pc speed
  • With programs such as CCleaner you also can not delete additional files on the hard drive that are no longer needed by Windows. But beware, often are deleted also your browser cookies, so you often have to re-specify all your passwords again while surfing.
  • CCleaner would like to be active in newer versions still in Windows and also started well at startup. You can imagine that this is not conducive to the speed of the computer. Do you use programs like this, so make sure that they are unnecessarily running in the background and does not slow down in addition to the PC.
  • Did you just not enough space on the hard disk, you can think about an additional data storage. These drives are also available as external variants, which can easily be connected via USB to the PC. *make PC faster: Computer too slow? Optimization of speed

Clean desktop and startup ensures fast computer

  • Have placed on the desktop her countless files: Get rid of it! These are all loaded at boot time of Windows and unnecessarily consume processing power. Sort pictures, installation files, etc. into appropriate folder on your hard drive.
  • The same applies to programs: Many programs installed on Windows like to take the right out to run in the background &# 8211; although this is not necessary at all. So no longer needed her a program away with it! Uninstalled it. How to do this, you could earlier in the article already read.
  • Do you have Windows 8 or later, you can Ctrl + Alt + Delete not only open the Task Manager, but also specify which programs may be started when booting from Windows.

Windows 10 Task Manager Startup

  • How exactly can disable your startup programs, you see the video and read her the following articles on the topic:
    • Windows 10: Disable startup programs and add - Here&# 8217; s
    • Windows 7: remove startup programs and adapt - Here&# 8217; s
251987Windows 10: startup programs

make PC faster: Do you need new hardware?

Is your PC already felt centuries old, you can also think about upgrading some hardware components if it is to be a brand new computer for. Above all, a new processor or more RAM often work wonders. Often overlooked as a bottleneck, but with an extremely large impact on the operating rate: hard drives. Do you want to specify a larger model you anyway, you can think about buying a SSD.

upgrade your own PC and make some massive faster with it is easier than I thought. Our tip: An SSD not only speeds up the startup of Windows extreme, but the overall work.upgrade your own PC and make some massive faster with it is easier than I thought. Our tip: An SSD not only speeds up the startup of Windows extreme, but the overall work.

More information about upgrading your PC can be found here:

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  • Gaming PC itself put together: computer builds 500 &# 8211; 5000 Euro
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Overclocking: Overclocking power my PC faster?

  • Do you think after about overclocking your CPU, you should keep in mind that the speed boost often stops here within limits and the process is also associated with some dangers.
  • A processor should you so just overclock, if you know what you are doing &# 8211; and want to get out last additional frame from games.
  • Generally only useful for gaming is overclocking the graphics card.
176652Fast and Easy: overclocking

Optimizing the speed via software tweaks &# 8211; 6 more tips & tricks

You still want to get more out of your PC? Here are six more tips & Tricks that you can speed up your computer and optimize:

1. Install all updates and new drivers

Often, it can accelerate the PC already something, but do above all safer if you pay attention to always install the latest Windows updates and drivers for your PC

  • Appropriate driver software can be found on the website of the PC manufacturer.
  • Windows updates are installed automatically, as a rule.

2. Tuning software often does more harm than it brings

More of a warning than a tip on how you can make the PC faster: Waived on programs that promise to automatically optimize your PC at your fingertips and let him become a speed rocket. Tuning Programs usually bring little to nothing &# 8211; On the contrary, they can even slow down the computer. So like uses programs that remove excess programs and data from the hard drive to make room, but do not expect that the alleged system optimizers have even the slightest positive effect on your computer.

3. Clean the registry has no effect &# 8211; except possibly negative

allegedly to scour erroneous or cluttered registry to find errors to eliminate them a bunch of programs offers, then everything to &# 8220; defragment&# 8221; and so to make the PC more quickly. A number of international studies have shown that these claims are attributable more to the realm of legends.

  • It is actually in the registry is a database with index.
  • Hits done quickly, a real defragmentation does not exist and even high five-digit entries should cause no noticeable slowdown of the computer.
  • And the other way around you just can not make their PCs more quickly by entries removing or changing their order.
  • Even if it is faulty remnants previously installed programs, is caused no slowdown in general.
  • At worst, although errors in the registry can cause a crash and strange behavior of Windows, but these types of errors can not find or recognize such programs.
  • If a program has entered the correct parameters, but true nature and allocation of these parameters can cause malfunctions.

You can try quiet, if you can use his PC faster by the Registry &# 8220; optimized&# 8221 ;. For example, the tool Auslogics Registry Defrag. But most likely any perceived acceleration thereafter is likely to be an illusion. Measurable happened there maybe a little, but in the performance does not change.

4. HDD format, reset Windows

Is your Windows terribly slow and all optimization measures do not seem to bear fruit, then you should think about to format your hard drive and then reinstall Windows. That brings experience shows that with a decent speed boost. But be careful, you need for a few hours time and also should some expertise with PCs have to do anything wrong.

control 5. Startup with Autoruns perfect

While the utility of some actions to PC optimization is controversial, there are still some useful steps to improve PC speed. Who wants to make his computer faster, often interferes already on the long time it takes for the PC to boot. Apart from that which can be also accelerated by the above-mentioned memory expansion, we have it in hand, to make the computer faster.

Startup programsremove unnecessary programs from the startup, can make the PC faster
  • A brake during the boot process is the sometimes very high and unnecessary number of automatically-starting programs.
  • Many programs themselves in the Startup group, to be ready when you might need someday.
  • Often it turns out, however, that they even need best, every three months, and then you could get a good start it manually as well.
  • Such programs from occupying main memory, which &# 8211; as we well know &# 8211; can make the computer slower.
  • Apart from this, the time is prolonged it takes for the PC to boot.
  • As a useful tool for finding and treatment of such brakes is Sysinternals Autoruns has proven.
  • It all shows us an auto-start programs and services.
  • With one click, you can disable them or re-enable it and so ensure that the number of auto-start software significantly reduced.
  • This not only speeds up the boats, but can make the PC faster because more memory is now available for important applications.
  • This Windows has rare access the paging file.

6. disk defragmentation?

As already mentioned, the problem of disk fragmentation has become significantly less than it was previously the case with the NTFS file system. Nevertheless, Windows is forced at some point the disk usage to write files to disk fragmented. And when there are files that are used regularly in their daily work, then leads also to a slowing down of the system. So the answer is &# 8220; Yes, by regularly defragmenting the disk can make the PC faster. These are in detail though only fractions of a second, but in total, can still make already noticeable. This is not true for SSDs that do not need to be defragmented or should.

Defragmentation: So the PC's hard drive is fasterDefragmentation: So the PC's hard drive is faster
  • This requires no special programs. Windows itself contains a disk defragmentation, where you even plan regular clean-ups and can thus make its hard drive faster.
  • Computers window, all drives are listed.
  • A right-click on it to open the context menu and characteristics, we find the Tools tab, which contains the disk defragmentation among others.

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