What’s & quot; & quot ;? Hulapalu – & quot; sex & quot; would be too easy

Anders Gabalier sings in his eponymous song &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221 ;. But what does that really mean? We explain the concept to you and show what is behind it.

3143What's Hulapalu?

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What's the name of &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221 ;?

The pop and folk music singer Andreas Gabalier provides with its party-cracker &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221; a good atmosphere. But what does &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221; actually? An official explanation of the word does not exist, but according to an interview Andreas himself says the following about this:

&# 8220; A girl gave me a long time ago &# 8216; Hulapalu&8217; said ear and meant &# 8216; Not so fast with the Hulapalu&# 8217 ;. Decent I went back home and I thought &# 8216; What's Hulapalu?&8217; and do not know to this day.&# 8221;

Too bad that we learn nothing from the environment in which the girl has said these words. Because this is crucial for the word meaning. But as he in his own words &# 8220; decent&# 8221; drove home, it is very likely related to the second most beautiful thing in the world: sex. Well, what is now the Erstschönste? - Maybe Hulapalu? 😉

Is Hulapalu the obvious? That might be too easy.Is Hulapalu the obvious? That might be too easy. Source: Andreas Gabalier - Hulapalu

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This means &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221; (most likely)

Assuming that Andreas relatively accurately describes the situation in his lyrics, he's with the girl at a party on &# 8220; Dancefloor&# 8221 ;, where that reminds word. Later, both alone and &# 8220; only the moon looks on&# 8221; as &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221; again occurs.

Many adults will think that

  • Hulapalu contains adult (not least because of lyrics).
  • Hulapalu is much naughtier may still than you think.
  • Hulapalu must be something else entirely, because the obvious is too obvious.

The most obvious is the importance of sex, but it can also be easier profane &Kuscheln; # 8220&# 8221; be meant. Perhaps the lady had drunk one too many and just mumbled, so that one has not understood the word correctly. Under certain circumstances, so that only the type of dance is also meant dancing to the Andreas and the girl in the song, and Andrew danced the &# 8220; Hulapalu&# 8221; just wrong and must learn the more correct. - Or is it: love. Who would have considered?


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