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In "Star Trek: Discovery", a new crew goes to the far reaches of outer space. The science fiction series will start in September 2017 at the streaming provider Netflix and will combine modern storytelling with classic Trek values. Before you start, we bring you at warp nine to date. 

30192Star Trek: Discovery - All About the series

After the more action-heavy cinema trips sponsored by J.J. Abrams based Star Trek: the old TV series that enjoy Discovery deliberately sci-fi fans still absolute cult status. The now sixth Star Trek series takes about 10 years before Kirk, Spock and Co. and is anno located in the same universe as in those days - but the narrative was adapted to the viewing habits of Generation Game of Thrones.

In practice this means: More drama, more conflict and a broad framework for action, which runs like a thread through the whole season.

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  • Who produces the new Star Trek?
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Star Trek: Discovery - Trailer

A good impression of the approach taken by the makers of Star Trek: Discovery track, you'll get the official trailer for the series:

6448Star Trek Discovery: Official HD Trailer 2

Some more info snippets be found in the latest trailer. The first season revolves therefore a conflict with the Klingons. unusually bleak for Star Trek conditions: The fight is apparently victims among the members of the crew.

CBS also recently released a teaser on Instagram, you'll get some props in the face of the show, including the new uniforms, phaser and a communicator. At the end of the clip you can see how the Discovery accelerated to warp speed and disappears into hyperspace.

Warp speed ahead! #StarTrekDiscovery

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We know about the plot of the new Star Trek series

Central to the story is the first officer Michael Burnham, played by The Walking Dead star Sonequa Martin (the rather unusual for a woman's name already caused some confusion among the fans). Burnham was designed as the first person on the planet Vulcan and has a special relationship with Sarek, father of the pointy eared logic genius Spock from the original series.

Through a series of coincidences they get to the bridge of the spaceship Discovery - but their stay is anything but a routine mission.

There is imminent danger, a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is imminent. When the Discovery makes a mysterious discovery on the edge of Federation space, located over the events - and the fate of the entire universe is at stake.

Your first look at #StarTrekDiscovery has arrived !! ð ???? ± Here&# 39; s the first photo of stars and #MichelleYeoh @therealsonequa The image has the duo beamed down to at as-yet-unrevealed planet!. ð ???? ¯ Click the link in our bio for more details! Dalia Naber

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Star Trek: Discovery is not a reboot, but an independent new series set in the well-known Star Trek universe, ie in the so-called prime-time line. Some items were partially modernized - for example, see the Klingon bit different than usual. In the first season of the conflict between the warlike aliens and the Federation should dominate - after that, the focus should shift however.

Each season will have a different thematic focus, says producer Alex Kurtzman talking to Digital Spy. A second season is so firmly planned - whether and how to proceed after that, but still is in the stars.

In an interview with CNET Kurtzman revealed recently, however, that the long tradition of Star Trek is very confident and installs the plot in the previous series canon. There will be numerous allusions to classic Star Trek episodes, including about the lovable space-villain Harry Mudd from the original series will appear.

Video image: star-trek-discovery-trailer-1-2017-sci-fi-netflix-series-hd.mp4 (4)The new Klingon in "Star Trek: Discovery". Picture: Netflix

In general, the story should have more conflicts than in the past - which does not mean that the crew of the Discovery first shooting and then asks questions. The makers of the new series will emancipate from some requirements of Gene Roddenberry quite simple - the serial inventor wrote his script writers in the peace-loving 60s before that one should conflicts within the crew generally do without.

In contrast, the makers of Star Trek have: Discovery taken greater liberties. "We try to tell complex stories &# 8211; of characters with strong opinions and strong passions&# 8221 ;, as Discovery Producer Harberts. This also means that you can make mistakes and get into conflicts.

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Star Trek: Discovery - start date and Stream in Germany

In Germany, Star Trek is running: Discovery from September 25, 2017 the streaming service of Netflix. In the US, the series starts a day earlier - if you want to be there in time for the international release, we show you here, as you look at Star Trek CBS stream.

  • The new episodes are made every Monday online and published weekly.
  • This rhythm is maintained until 6 November, followed by several weeks of winter break.
  • It continues then in January 2018 when the second half of the first season starts.
  • Overall, the first season of 15 episodes is. The series tells a continuous story like in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but more consistently.
  • If you still have no access to Netflix, you can try for free the offer in the trial month.

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Star Trek Discovery: Cast &# 8211; Information on occupation

The cast of Star Trek Discovery consists of numerous internationally renowned series and film actors. The best known is certainly Sonequa Martin who passed through the zombie series The Walking Dead to worldwide fame. Experienced actors like Michelle Yeoh (Tiger & Dragon), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Doug Jones (Hellboy) and James Frain (Gotham, Orphan Black), make sure that the rest of the crew is excellent occupied. Talented newcomers like Chris Obi (American Gods) or Terry Serpico (The Purge: Election Year) round out the cast.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Sonequa MartinSonequa Martin on a dangerous mission in space. Picture: Netflix

Here are the main actors with their respective roles:

Michelle YeohCaptain Philippa Georgiou
Sonequa MartinLieutenant Commander Michael Burnham
Jason IsaacsCaptain Lorca
Doug JonesLt. Saru
Anthony RappLt. Stamets
James FrainSarek
Terry SerpicoAdmiral Anderson
Maulik PancholyDr. Nambue
Sam VartholomeosEnsign Connor

Who is the production team behind Star Trek: Discovery?

Show-Runner of Star Trek: Discovery was initially the writer-producer Bryan Fuller, who can look back on several years Star Trek experience. Fuller was already in the writing staff of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine *, after which he wrote several years scripts for Star Trek: Voyager *. In the fall of 2016 Fuller because of internal differences with the CBS but gave the job to Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts that already were part of the team at this time.

produced Star Trek by Alex Kurtzman, who already as a writer and producer on both Star Trek films by J.J. Abraham's "Star Trek" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness" cooperated. Otherwise, there is no overlap of the newer movies.

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The rest of the team consists largely of Star Trek veterans Among other things, the screenwriter and producer Nicholas Meyer is involved, the director of the Star Trek movies "The Wrath of Khan" and "The Undiscovered Country". With Rod Roddenberry also the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in the new series as executive producer and writer interacts with. Also co-wrote also include the successful "Star Trek" novel-author Kirsten Beyer and Joe Menosky, who wrote some scripts for "The Next Generation," "Voyager" and "Deep Space Nine".

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