Mrtstub.exe – What is it and can you remove that?

On the hard drive also numerous applications that you can not identify at first glance can be found in Windows in addition to the installed files. One of these applications is behind the file "Mrtstub.exe".

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Here you learn what Mrtstub.exe, whether the file is malware, and if you can remove the file.

What's Mrtstub.exe?

  • It must be satisfied that "Mrtstub.exe" after the file is not malware.
  • Usually file istdie in the folder C: \ or found in the "My Documents". "Mrtstub" stands for "Malicious Software Removal Tool update stub" and is part of the "Windows Malicious Software Removal."
  • The file is automatically created when a scan. After the system scan or after a restart at the latest, the file should be deleted.
  • but in some cases it may happen that Mrtstub.exe remains on the hard drive.
  • The file is not needed by Windows and can be safely deleted manually.
  • To ensure that the file is erased completely, you should reboot after malware scan.

mrtsub EXE

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Mrtstub.exe - malware threat?

windows-8Should you file Mrtstub.exe on the disk found to have performed without a malware scan, this can be but certainly involve malware. Because the file is very common, hackers can make the current filename advantage and disguise their own virtual pests behind a fake file named "Mrtstub.exe". Normally mrtstub is created as a hidden file on the hard disk. If the file, however, be visible to you, a virus scan is recommended on the hard disk. This ensures that your data are safe and pose no threat mrtstub.

With us you also learn what is behind the file MRT.exe. We also show you what the Trusted Installer is actually.


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