ELSTER certificate expired: what to do?

Every year, the tax return must be submitted anew. With ELSTER can file the return by electronic means. For each year you need a new certificate. Elster is the certificate expires, the ELSTER program can not be used.

Find out here how to extend the ELSTER certificate and what to do if the certificate has expired.

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extend Elster Certificate: Here's how

Out of the blue, the certificate can not expire. Already weeks before the end of the validity you will be informed by mail. Seam of the End of validity or the certificate must do the following to extend the certificate.

  1. Log in with the Elster portal.
  2. After logging an indication can already be seen, which refers to the expired certificate.
  3. Under the link text, the option is extend "Certificate". Click on the button.
  4. Invites the old certificate again high. Keep doing your PIN ready.
  5. You can now get access to the new certificate. Click "Save Verlägertes certificate" and forgive a label.
  6. then logs you again and give to your PIN. The new ELSTER certificate is activated.Business person checking Invoice With Magnifying Glass


Elster certificate expired: new registration required

With a successful extension of the new certificate is displayed in the account overview. The old certificate can you delete from your PC. You missed the extension, is a Reactivation no longer possible. In the official FAQ says:

"You should remember that you need to renew your ELSTER certificate before the expiration date. Otherwise, you can not log in Elster online portal and no longer renew your ELSTER certificate after that date. "

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If the certificate is therefore once expired, there no longer have access to the account. therefore it must be a new application in the Elster portal. To successfully complete the login, you have to wait for the verification code that is delivered by mail. Elsewhere, we show you how to apply for a new ELSTER certificate. If you have problems or further questions ELSTER hotline help.

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